Our Soul Plans Life Challenges Before Birth

Our Soul Plans Life Challenges Before Birth

At the soul level, we plan our greatest challenges for each reincarnation. The main reasons our souls plan significant challenges are to balance karma, heal, serve others, experience opposites, and heal false beliefs.

According to the experiences of people who have undergone clinical death or explored the state between two lives under hypnosis, reincarnation occurs so that souls have the opportunity to view and understand their actions from multiple perspectives. In those moments, individuals recap every moment of their lives at once and experience firsthand how their actions affected others.

This comprehensive perspective often includes realizing missed opportunities and mistakes, causing pain and discomfort to the soul, but also motivation for correction and improvement. The soul thus decides to return to life, not for punishment, but for further maturation and the ability to manifest its divine, absolute nature within the physical body’s limitations. This contemplation and rebirth are crucial for spiritual development and the ultimate understanding and acceptance of pervasive, objective consciousness.

On the non-physical level, souls communicate with each other, and a pre-birth plan is created, which can be envisioned as a detailed diagram of all possible choices and consequences of those choices that a person can make during their lifetime. Although it anticipates many possibilities, this plan is not strictly determined by fate; instead, it leaves room for the individual’s free will once reincarnated on Earth. Every choice we make is shaped within specific frameworks set by the soul, but free will plays a crucial role in the experience of reincarnation.

The purpose of reincarnation is for us, as human beings, to develop and express divine virtues on Earth, which is not possible in a non-physical state. These virtues include compassion, unconditional love, self-love, patience, forgiveness, empathy, and self-awareness. The life challenges we plan before birth intentionally stimulate the development of these virtues, allowing us to grow and evolve spiritually through life experiences. We develop through experiences of opposites that expand our perception and our ability to gain insight and understanding. Unilateral experiences cannot provide us with this.

Our soul strives for deep self-awareness and understanding of its nature through experiences of opposites. In the non-physical realm, we exist as love, peace, and joy, but on Earth, we experience opposite states, sadness, and other forms of love deficiency to understand our true essence – that it is above all opposites. If we have not had love in the past, we can always have it in the future if we become the source of love. Only then will love always be within us and around us. The most common reason we lack love is to learn to create and manifest it ourselves. If we are not love, there will be no love anywhere.


Your Soul's PlanAs we go through difficult periods in our lives, we often wonder if we are perhaps being punished, if we have made a mistake, and why this is happening to us. Yet our soul has planned all life lessons before this life.

Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz offers enlightening insights into the purpose behind life’s toughest challenges. It’s a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the spiritual reasons for suffering and tragedy. The book is highly praised for its eloquent and thoughtful exploration of the deep questions.


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