Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence

Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence

Samadhi is the goal and the peak of meditation

Do you aspire to greater spirituality?
Do you resist religious strictures and controls?
Do you recognize that higher truth exists?

The true goal of all spirituality and meditative methods is enlightenment, and the true essence of enlightenment is the knowledge and awareness of the unity of consciousness and existence.

The more awakened people are, the more they exist in harmony. They become filled with love and understanding. Unaware people, conditioned by natural causality, experience only conflict with nature, the world, and everyone around them.

In reality, all existence is consciousness. They are one, but they express themselves in different ways. Existence manifests as energy and matter. Consciousness is our unexpressed inner being. It represents all the higher/finer dimensions that manifest as our gross reality in the physical world.

Nature is information communicated instantly among all seemingly divided parts. The human nervous system does not create nor convey consciousness. It slows consciousness down to where we can live and communicate in three-dimensional reality. If it were not so, we would be totally lost in nature, and we could not even exist in physical form.

Life and being exist in order to manifest the unity of consciousness and existence in all possible ways.

Throughout existence, there is only one divine consciousness. This consciousness within us recognizes and connects with everything that exists. It becomes the consciousness of our very soul.

Each soul is an individual expression of the divine consciousness that enables everything, including existence itself.

Unity of existence and consciousness is most clearly expressed in man.

Chakras connect consciousness and existence using different frequencies of energy.

Ultimate recognition of the unity of consciousness and existence becomes enlightenment: Samadhi.

True wisdom is meant for the serious aspirant eager to know the truth of being.

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About the Book

Existence and awareness of existence constitute everything that is. Nothing is possible outside of this. At their base, they are one. However, their expression becomes manifested as separate things. They appear to exist in relationship to each other rather than as their own true unity. This apparent separateness of consciousness and existence enables the perception of everything in nature and the cosmos. In reality, nature and the cosmos result from a divine aspiration to bring all existence into awareness. That is, in all possible ways. By this, the divine consciousness manifests everything-that-can-be as everything-that-is.

Our mind, like a prism, splits the pure light of divine consciousness into the full spectrum of existence.

Beyond our mind, existence and consciousness are one: The divine Absolute.

When a person becomes aware of both existence and their consciousness of existence, and the individual self as the center between them, that person becomes fully enlightened and realizes their transcendental essence.

The realized unity of consciousness and existence in man occurs as Samadhi.

In this book, we awaken the reader to unity by describing in detail – both internal and external – how such realization happens as awareness rising through psycho-energetic centers known as chakras. Consciousness and existence connect in these human chakras. Their joining provides all the dynamic richness of existence that man experiences – both inside and out.


Explanations are given in the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – The Nature of Existence
Chapter 2 – The Nature of Energy
Chapter 3 – It is Not Matter that Fluctuates, but Information Everything is Momentary and Nothing is Substantial
Chapter 4 – There is No Multitude of Particles: Everything is Only One, Divine Particle
Chapter 5 – Parallel Realities
Chapter 6 – The Dimensions of Existence
Chapter 7 – Humans are a Microcosm Comprised of All the Dimensions of Nature
Chapter 8 – The Nature of Consciousness
Chapter 9 – Soul Consciousness and its Incarnation into the Body Through the Higher Mind
Chapter 10 – Unity of Consciousness and Existence, of Body and Soul
Chapter 11 – If Everything is a Reflection of Divine Consciousness, Why is There Evil in the World?
Chapter 12 – The Law of Number Seven and the Seven Chakras
Chapter 13 – The Division of Chakras into Three Sections
Chapter 14 – The Hertzian and Non-Hertzian Frequencies of Chakras
Chapter 15 – Polarization of Opposites in Chakras
Chapter 16 – The Higher and Lower Nature of Chakras
Chapter 17 – The Fundamental Nature and the Meaning of Every Chakra
Chapter 18 – The Principles of Chakra Functioning in the World and Historical Development
Chapter 19 – Examples of Chakra Functioning in the History of Spirituality
Chapter 20 – Examples of Chakra Functioning in the Personal Development of Humans
Chapter 21 – The Energetic Chakra Activation
Chapter 22 – Physical Exercises for Harmonious Chakra Activation
Chapter 23 – The Exercise of Imagination and Breathing for Chakra Activation
Chapter 24 – The Basic Principles of Sublimating Consciousness Through Chakras
Chapter 25 – Samadhi – The Unity of Consciousness and Existence

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Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 2
Genres: Meditation, Mindfulness, Spirituality
Tags: Mindfulness, self-esteem, self-help, spiritual
Publisher: Samkhya Publishing Ltd
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Hardcover & Kindle
Length: 190 pages
ISBN: 9781986066075

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About the Author
Ivan Antic

Ivan Antic is the author of a dozen books on Samkhya, soul and consciousness, meditation, true history, astrology, and the law of attraction. He has developed a unique approach by combining ancient teachings and modern science. His works explore the relationship between the human soul and physical reality, emphasizing the importance of science and ethics in manifesting divine consciousness. He has been a practitioner of the "Fourth Way" and Shikantaza Zen meditation for over 40 years.

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