Metaphysics of Astrology: Why Astrology Works

Metaphysics of Astrology: Why Astrology Works

Learn the basic principles of astrology without having to learn the theory beforehand.

In order to understand the fundamental principles of astrological influences - why they exist and how they affect us - you must become more familiar with the nature of the one affected; namely, your own essential being.

Everything is connected. In one sense, two things exist: you and the universe. When you delve into one with utmost care and attention, you will automatically come to understand the other because, foundationally, they are the same.

While Astronomy is the science of how the universe works, Astrology is the science of how that holographic universe affects us. Astrology expands our horizons by explicating a holistic approach to life.

Astrology shows all the details of how our transcendental soul becomes trapped inside our body and ensnared by the events of our life. Thus, it describes the ways we are obstructed from attaining true Self-knowledge. Understanding these things helps us understand how to set ourselves free.

Metaphorically, the knot of our life can be untied by learning the way in which it was tied. However, we do not have to know all the details. It is enough to become acquainted with the basic principles of how astrology works to know the basic principles for liberation and Self-knowledge. Here, those principles are presented as a synopsized but penetrating overview.

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About the Book

Unlike most books on astrology, we do not deal here with teaching the basic principles necessary for horoscope interpretation. Such books, both good and bad, are quite abundant.

Instead, we deal with why astrology works and how its original principles arose, including how cosmic space/time shapes itself through us into an existential experience of physical reality, including the planets, life itself, and our destinies as well.

The fundamental theories of physical reality that we reference here to clarify the essence of astrological influences are the theories of the Holographic Universe and The Strong Anthropic Principle. These complement each other, with both claiming the universe exists the way it does in order to shape a conscious subject – specifically, us.

Consequently, as a representational model for human growth manifesting in accordance with these principles, astrology offers the most comprehensive and detailed method for understanding our metaphysical and physical origins and purpose.

Astrology works.


Explanations are given in the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Some Basic Facts and Misconceptions
Chapter 3 – The Anthropic Principle and Human Physical Embodiment
Chapter 4 – Zodiac
Chapter 5 – Planets or the Psychodynamics of Space-Time
Chapter 6 – Destiny Resides In the Matter
Chapter 7 – Freedom Resides In the Soul

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Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 3
Genres: Astrology, Consciousness, Spirituality
Tags: Astrology, Consciousness, personal growth, self-esteem, spiritual
Publisher: Samkhya Publishing Ltd.
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback (6 x 9 inches)
Length: 104 pages
ISBN: 9781656673336

List Price: $11.50
eBook Price: $6.50
About the Author
Ivan Antic

Ivan Antic is the author of a dozen books on Samkhya, soul and consciousness, meditation, true history, astrology, and the law of attraction. He has developed a unique approach by combining ancient teachings and modern science. His works explore the relationship between the human soul and physical reality, emphasizing the importance of science and ethics in manifesting divine consciousness. He has been a practitioner of the "Fourth Way" and Shikantaza Zen meditation for over 40 years.

The teachings of Astrology- Fascinating. An absolutely fascinating book that clearly communicates the study of astrology and why it works. I was surprised that despite my previous familiarity with astrology, this book has elevated my understanding and allowed me to properly grasp and deepen my knowledge. It is a practical, explanatory guide that makes the perfect reference book.
– Elaine M. Steele, reviewer from site
Interesting read about astrology. An excellent book regarding the subject of conditionality and free will, as well as the heavenly and earthly powers that affect us, with great insights into the nature of our soul as well.
– Amy Elizabeth Orr, reviewer from site
Intelligent discussion of astrology. This should be read by anyone who does not believe in astrology. He/she will not be able to sustain their disbelief.
– a book reviewer from site
The author managed to raise essential physics knowledge to metaphysical heights with the help of astrology, and simultaneously bring astrology down from its celestial heights to our reality by means of physical laws.
– a book reviewer from site
The author makes clear the relationship between the natal chart of one's birth to the soul, both the personal and the divine Soul of the world. The natal chart describes the nature of one's entry point into this lifetime, emphasizing the struggles that offer one the opportunity for increasing freedom from identification with the mundane level of bodily existence. These struggles provide the pain necessary to increase awareness and consciousness of the bigger picture of life and the healing that leads to acceptance and love for oneself and others as fellow travelers awakening to the wholeness that we have always an integral part of.
– Debra, reviewer from site
Why Astrology Works Explained. This gem has been my first encounter with a book that reveals the core of astrology on the foundations of natural law. Additionally, I appreciated the realistic approach to the discussion of karma in relation to astrology throughout the book. This is definitely a must-read for those curious about astrology.
– Damir, reviewer from site
A very spiritual book. You can tell this book is translated from original meaning and understanding. It takes a very spiritual approach to explaining astrology. I love this book for it's abstractness and the way it does not assume the reader is unintelligent. Although if you are a logical thinker this book may be hard to read. It covers concepts in a way that is vague and requires you to intuitively make connections among-st many different religions philosophies sciences and disciplines. It is based upon what I think can be called a lot of universal truths according to the author. If you are an all encompassing thinker I recommend this book.
– K Blaze, reviewer from site
Brilliant interpretation of existence. Drawn to this book by my love of the esoteric and wishing to increase my knowledge and understanding of how astrology in particular determines our life I was not disappointed with the content and will now look forward to enjoying the other books on the series.
– Geoff, reviewer from site
Get this book if you are looking to understand why astrology works. This is a rational non-mystical clear-cut astrological must have! I love this gem of a book, the history, physics, and concepts provided are understandable and will help you to grasp the facts related to the cosmic astrology principles and astrological influences.
– Ashlie Woodard, reviewer from site
Very good book! This was a great read for me. The writer really brings in what astrology was used for and how we use it to elevate ourselves. A few points here and there about freewill and free choice and how all that is based in the ego. This book actually proved an idea I had on the functioning of astrology before reading it. Now I understand how astrology functions on a scientific level.
– Nasir carter, reviewer from site
Really interesting and has done it's job, sending me off on a pathway discovering my natal chart. Recommended if you're looking for answers on the big life questions that you can actually do something about. In fact, puts you entirely centre stage in taking responsibility, and shifting into living a conscious life in every moment since life appears to be a series of tests until we can stand back and respond in a different way. For enquiring minds, give it a go!
– Amber, reviewer from site
Science of the soul! I found the book to be extremely enlightening and would highly recommend to anyone looking to raise their astrological IQ.
– Spiritual enthusiast, reviewer from site
This is a book on a fascinating topic - not the mere study of astrology, but why it works. I can tell that the author is very passionate about the topic and has amassed a lot of knowledge...
– A.O. Lazaraki, reviewer from site
It's a great is incredibly interesting and mind blowing (in a good way) how astrology impacts everything 'we are' and how our reality is formed.
– A book reviewer from site
Delighted to have found this book. If you want to know why astrology works - as it says on the tin - then look no further. Antic's prose style makes it all the more enjoyable; I will most certainly check his other titles out.
– Lou, reviewer from site
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