Religiousness: Instructions for Use

Religiousness: Instructions for Use

Our soul is of divine origin, it has the highest power to create the reality in which we live.

All the troubles of this world are caused by the misuse of the enormous power of consciousness of our soul. In order for science and religiousness to unite in a mutually positive way, in order to unite the highest spiritual aspirations of our soul with everyday life experience, a good instruction for use is needed.

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About the Book

The religiousness is man’s relationship toward his soul, toward his divine essence. A condition for the true religiousness is a true understanding of the nature of the consciousness itself we perceive and function with.

Our awareness of existence determines how our religiousness will relate to life, culture, and the development of civilization. It is all connected.

Religions have always played a dual role. The first one is to absorb man’s aspiration toward the divine, toward the consciousness of one’s soul, and the other one is to fuel the development of culture and civilization.

Man’s aspiration toward his divine essence has always been his most powerful tendency but has been insufficiently brought to awareness and harmonized with practical life and the challenges it brings forth. For that reason, the aspiration toward the divine has often been too pronounced in religions and, in effect, hindered the growth of civilization. Often enough, a tendency to develop the civilization proved to be too strong and impeded most religious aspirations.

The correct employment of religiousness would be to balance out the consciousness of man’s soul with the conditions of this world and express it harmoniously.

A harmonious expression of the consciousness of his divine essence, man expresses through culture and development of civilization, and not a mere dedication to the divine. Religious commitment should act as the inspiration for the proper functioning in this world.
Scientific development should help the consciousness of the soul to express itself precisely in this world. The consciousness of our soul is so vast and comprehensive that man’s limited body and mind cannot encompass it in one take, even less so, express it.

To make man successful and constructive in expressing consciousness of the soul, he must first get acquainted with all the secrets of nature and its laws through science. That is the only way for the divine consciousness to manifest itself thrivingly through an aware man. The divine consciousness, then, acquires scientific precision in its expression.

History has proved that without scientific precision religious devotion of the divine often becomes irrational, unreliable, and destructive. The more recent historical accounts testify to the fact that the scientific development devoid of religious affirmation of man’s soul, becomes irrational, and destructive.

This manual for the use of religiousness has a single goal of helping the divine consciousness to manifest through man in this world in a scientifically precise and rational way.

Therefore, get ready to endure the worst criticism of religious practice this book has to offer, and in return, the reward you will receive comes in the form of the best suggestions on how to improve religiousness to make it better for you and the world around you.

From such a perspective a few crucial details will help us along the way:

  • On the Creator, on the creation through the seven phases; on the creation of man; on man’s soul.
  • On the unmanifested and manifested God; on the manifestation of the divine through the five dimensions.
  • On the exile from heaven as the current reality of the world we reside in; how the divine consciousness manifests itself into its opposite and how it came about that our reality is the separation from God.
  • Why there is religiousness based on the negative relationship toward the world; what the role of the principle of coercion and duress is in religiousness; on reincarnation and why some people are religious and some are not.
  • On the seven states of religious maturity, seven types of religion, according to chakras or the states of consciousness.
  • What religiousness is not; on religiousness and death.
  • On all the aspects of prayer: as the law of attraction, as a discipline and a reminder of the divine, on the direct prayer to one’s outer source, and on the prayer which is contemplation and devotion.
  • You will learn what miracles are in religiousness; on the role sexuality plays in religiousness and how this influence can be worked out effectively.
  • You will learn why the resurrection is the true grounding of the soul; what a temple is, and what connection temples bear in regards to the earth’s magnetism and man’s personality.
  • How to experience God as the unconditional love; what a relationship between religiousness and the development of civilization is; what demonism is and what a doctrine of awakening is; what the relationship between religiousness as regards folklore and churches, time, new informational age, and the understanding among people is.
  • You will receive an accurate description of the end of the world never before seen in public and is to do with the holographic nature of the universe as well as raising children.

Get to know the true nature of religiousness now!

Tomorrow will be too late!

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Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 11
Genres: Consciousness, Religiousness, Spirituality
Tags: Consciousness, Religiousness
Publisher: Samkhya Publishing
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback & Kindle
Length: 355 pages
ISBN: 9798677577024
List Price: $13.00
eBook Price: $5.00
About the Author
Ivan Antic

Ivan Antic is the author of a dozen books on Samkhya, soul and consciousness, meditation, true history, astrology, and the law of attraction. He has developed a unique approach by combining ancient teachings and modern science. His works explore the relationship between the human soul and physical reality, emphasizing the importance of science and ethics in manifesting divine consciousness. He has been a practitioner of the "Fourth Way" and Shikantaza Zen meditation for over 40 years.

"This book on religiosity is a real revelation. It breaks all the patterns of traditional commentary on the subject, and will probably upset many spirits. But I don’t see how they can respond to this challenge because the author, in his representation of religiosity, constantly invokes the foundation of consciousness and existence. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to criticize this book without misunderstanding the concepts of awareness and critical thinking..."
– Amy Elizabeth Orr, , reviewer from site
"The author gave a great critique of religious practices and beliefs, very well-argued. He also took the reader on a real adventure through the deepest mysticism - but filled with great optimism and positive energy. He speaks of the divine consciousness that is in all of us and this attitude is the basis of the whole book..."
– A book reviewer from site
"Finally, something new and original about religion! Very bold and well-argued. There is a great range of topics, and the author travels from the strongest realism to the highest mysticism. Every question related to religiosity is treated realistically and originally. I couldn’t find this kind of information about prayer and temples, divine love and death anywhere else, in any other literature I’ve ever read..."
– – Calendula, reviewer from site
"...The main tenet of the book is similar to the Zen saying that one should not look at the finger pointing at the Moon, but at the Moon itself; the description is not what is described. In their religiosity, people have always dealt with the description, the idea of God, and not the real purpose of religiosity - what and who we are as human beings..."
– – Damir, reviewer from site
"This book brilliantly balances the sociology of religion, fundamental existentialist philosophy, esoteric tradition and mysticism, personal insight, and the modern world..."
– – favors4, reviewer from site
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