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Born on December 22, 1961, in Belgrade, Serbia. In 1982, after experiencing numerous mystical experiences, he abandoned his study of philosophy due to disagreement with the standard models of reality imposed by academic education. He dedicated himself to individual development and meditation practice based on Buddhist teachings. He lives withdrawn from the public and publishes his insights in a popular series of books: Existence-Consciousness-Bliss

The theme of his books is exploring the connection between a personal experience of transcendental knowledge and ancient teachings that reveal reality objectively, without mixing in particular mythical or religious teachings. He is concerned primarily with the teachings of Samkhya, the practice of meditation based on Patanjali’s work, Yoga Sutras, and original Buddhist teachings.

Connecting transcendental experience with objective reality has led to Ivan Antic’s unique and original linking of ancient knowledge with modern science, thus shedding new light on the issue of consciousness and human essence as soul, artificial and biological intelligence, universal ethics, and the meaning of existence in the broadest context of civilizational development.

Ivan Antic’s work connects consciousness of the human soul with physical reality and the development of science. Contrary to the traditional scientific and religious views of consciousness and soul as mutually exclusive and unilateral, the works of Ivan Antic develop the view that human essence or soul originates from the absolute divine consciousness and manifests through all possible conditions in the physical world, most precisely through knowledge of natural laws revealed by science, culture, and human ethics. Therefore, the basic purpose for the development of science and material culture is to better serve the manifestation of divine consciousness through the human soul, not to produce that which greatly endangers people and the natural world.

The author also cautions that that such perfect manifestation of soul consciousness has not yet occurred in history. Humanity still struggles for mature manifestation of soul consciousness through reason and ethics rather than fundamental religious beliefs.

In this sense, the work of Ivan Antic can be regarded as “The New Science of the Soul.”

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The Templar cross in the background represents the creative rationality and the West.

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Author: Ivan Antic

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