A modern monk to whom the whole world is a monastery.

A practitioner of the “Fourth way” and the Shikantaza Zen Meditation for 40 years.

The author of a dozen books on Sankhya, soul and consciousness, meditation, true history, astrology and the law of attraction.

Leading a secluded and independent life.

Ivan Antic Author Logo

Shree Kapila Yantra

The Templar cross in the background represents the creative rationality and the West.

The shape of the amber and the lotus represent the transcendental integrity of the human soul and the East.

Nine circles represent the man and a complete development of the man through the principle of the enneagram.

Author: Ivan Antic

Published books in English language

Existence - Consciousness - Bliss
Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence
Meditation: First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice
Soul Guide On Planet Earth
The Process of Realization
The Moon: Magnet for the Soul
Everything is Perfect: Why Do We Not See It
Metaphysics of Astrology: Why Astrology Works
Religiousness: Instructions for Use
The Physics of Consciousness: In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls
Samkhya: An Ancient Science of Nature and the Human Soul
Awakening: The Unity of the Outer and Inner Worlds
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