Ho’oponopono – The True Method of Repentance

Ho’oponopono, a unique method of self-improvement, translates to “to make right” or “to correct an error” in Hawaiian. It’s based on the intriguing concept that we are a microcosm – the entire cosmos in miniature. This means that everything we aspire to and experience – absolutely everything – is within us. If you want to change something, you do it from the inside, not the outside.

According to ancient Hawaiians, errors arise from thoughts contaminated by painful memories from the past. These thoughts create programs that dictate all our actions and experiences. Ho’oponopono offers a way to release the energy of these painful thoughts, or errors, that cause imbalance and illness. By clearing the memories to a zero point, we free ourselves from the programs that led to the problems, whether health-related or life-related. When practicing Ho’oponopono, you address your prayers directly to the Divine, which enables all to take over painful thoughts and neutralize or purify them.

You are not purifying a person, place, or thing. You are neutralizing the energy you associate with a person, place, or thing wrongfully by unconsciously projecting your responsibility onto others and external forces. Thus, the first step of Ho’oponopono is to purify this energy from projection and return it to the right source: within ourselves. Then something extraordinary happens. Not only is the energy neutralized, but it is also released, creating a completely new clean slate. Buddhists call this the Void. The final step is allowing the Divine to come and fill this void with light, to intervene and resolve every problem and discord miraculously, because you finally allow it, no longer blocking it.

Applying Ho’oponopono in your life starts with acknowledging that a particular event, condition, or phenomenon occurs because of you in order to experience it. This understanding is the first step towards change.

Practicing Ho’oponopono involves a simple process. Thank yourself internally for those carrying out the event, condition, or phenomenon, as if they played it just for you to experience. Ask them internally for forgiveness for having them undergo such a sacrifice because of you and say to yourself that it was enough, as you understood the purpose of that phenomenon, condition, or event. Then, they cease to recur and you are ready for a higher level of events.

All these attitudes can be summarized with the following words, i.e., thoughts: “I understand (the meaning of the event), thank you (for the Divine’s constant care for my well-being), and forgive me (for not understanding all this because of my ego and interfering with the work of the Divine and thus obstructing it).”

This is the so-called cleaning according to the Ho’oponopono method.


Zero Limits Ho'oponoponoNegativities repeat themselves only because we have not realized the meaning of their occurrence.

When a conscious subject recognizes a phenomenon, it has reached its outcome; it no longer needs to manifest. Through conscious gratitude and establishing that a particular phenomenon arose because of their attraction to the experience (regardless of the reason, which could be for some karmic reason or just for learning), they internally cancel the need for that phenomenon to continue manifesting. This highest principle of the work of souls on Earth is called Ho’oponopono. For more about this, see the book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len.


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