Self-awareness is the Only Wealth

To know oneself means to find true wealth. Alone, we feel lost, like beggars. However, by discovering our solitude, we truly awaken.

Individuality is an illusion; the omnipresent cosmos is our only truth. We are like dew on the lotus, temporarily beautiful until the breath of wind merges us with the infinite ocean. We do not lose ourselves; we become part of eternity. As individuals, we are transient, but by discovering our eternal roots, we may live in joy and gratitude, needing neither time nor space for it.

At this moment, we breathe with the universe, and our heart beats in harmony with it. Inside us lies a kingdom, priceless and vast. A glance inward reveals another reality, our true essence. This realization brings with it a bliss that does not fade.

In the spirit of Zen, this is awakening. Some search outward while neglecting the inner treasure. The real wealth is within, not to be acquired but to be recognized. Zen teaches us this forgotten language, the language of the soul. It only requires the courage to turn inward into the unknown.

To be fulfilled means having the courage to explore oneself and to distinguish loneliness from solitude. Loneliness is longing; solitude is the discovery of one’s own magnificence, where clouds and stars merge with our being, bringing us closer to the very essence of existence.

Self-realization opens the doors to the infinite, leading us into the paradox of existence where individuality is lost, and we become one with the infinite. A drop merges with the ocean, and we become everything.


Meditation book coverTo meditate means to be calmer than everything that happens and moves: thoughts, feelings, and body. To be just a witness to everything. This is how we come to our true selves.

The purpose of the book “Meditation: First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice” by Ivan Antic is to provide all the necessary information and understanding required for proper meditation as taught by the ancient masters. Concepts from modern science further enrich this knowledge and understanding. Together, they form the basis for a proper meditation practice.


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