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Samkhya Book coverSamkhya

An Ancient Science of Nature and the Human Soul

Samkhya is a theory of nature and consciousness that is older than the Vedas. The science of self-knowledge, yoga, is rooted in Samkhya and represents the practical application of its theoretical postulates.

Much of Indian philosophy is based on concepts found in Samkhya. Samkhya is at the core of not just Indian but also world spirituality, given that it is, in fact, the first fundamental ontology: the science of being and cognition. The basis of Samkhya lies in differentiating Purusha and Prakrti, that is, the human soul and nature, respectively. It is the oldest and clearest differentiation of consciousness.

Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence - Book CoverSamadhi

Unity of Consciousness and Existence

According to classical and contemporary interpreters of yoga and meditation, samadhi denotes the unity of the subject and the object, the inner and the outer world, our Self and Absolute. In other words, enlightenment.

Here, this unity is described simply as the unity of consciousness and existence. In this book you will find much more details about this unity, it will be revealed in a completely new way, you will comprehend that unity of the conscious and the existence in a man is gradually achieved at all levels of consciousness and being, on which a man exists and works, in all dimensions, and which are expressed in chakras, psycho-energetic centers in a man.

Meditation: First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice - Book CoverMeditation

First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice

In this book, you will find everything you need for the practice of meditation, the way the oldest and greatest authorities, Buddha and Patanjali, presented. They left a legacy for humankind that we can all benefit from.

We also cover the purpose of meditation: why man needs it, why it is so appealing to spiritually mature people, and its relationship with the soul.

Soul Guide on Planet Earth - Book coverSoul Guide On Planet Earth

Your soul is of divine origin. Everything else is an illusion that rules this world.

The question of the soul is the oldest question asked by a man. All the answers to the questions about soul exist both in an individual and a collective experience, but they were hidden from a man in various ways.

The knowledge about the soul was hidden by religions and science; religions did it through endless, futile and diverse theologies, myths and religious conflicts, and science hid it behind the materialistic teaching, saying that the soul is a kind of psycho-energetic entity which is created and disappears with the body.

The Process of Realization CoverThe Process of Realization

A detailed description of the process of every kind of realization, the law of attraction, from quantum fields and mind, to the matter

The well-known Law of Attraction is presented in this book in a completely new way, through the explanation of the relations of the higher dimensions, which in the esoteric science are characterized by elements (earthwaterfireair and ether).

These higher dimensions constitute not only cosmos, but at the same time man, and hence man has a physical body (earth), emotional (water), energetic (fire), and a mental body (air). The nature of the ether (akasha) as a universal quantum field is treated specially, as it contains all the potentials of the whole existence, as well as the connection of the mind, the power of thought, with the quantum field.

The Moon Magnet for the Soul CoverThe Moon

Magnet for the Soul

The more we know about the Moon, the more evidence we have that it is an artificial creation.

Who made such a grandiose creation and for what purpose?

If it is all for us, who are we and why are we so important to have this colossal project executed just for us?

Everything is perfect CoverEverything Is Perfect

Why Do We Not See It

If the fundamental cosmic constants were any different, there would not be any conscious life, at all.

The entire cosmos exists exactly the way it is so that conscious living beings, us, could exist.

If we became fully aware of the fundamental constants the whole universe rests on, we would realize that cosmos could not exist if it were not exactly the way it is right now, in everything, in every, even the tiniest detail.

Metaphysics of Astrology - Why Astrology Works - Book CoverMetaphysics of Astrology

Why Astrology Works

In order to understand the fundamental principles of astrological influences, why they exist and how they affect us, you must become familiar with the nature of the one who is affected, your own essence.

It is all connected. Two things are in existence: you and the universe. If you delve into one with the utmost care, you will automatically understand the other because, in their foundation, they are the same.

Religiousness - Instructions for UseReligiousness

Instructions for Use

Our soul is of divine origin, it has the highest power to create the reality in which we live.

All the troubles of this world are caused by the misuse of the enormous power of consciousness of our soul.

In order for science and religiousnesss to unite in a mutually positive way, in order to unite the highest spiritual aspirations of our soul with everyday life experience, a good instruction for use is needed.

The Physics of ConsciousnessThe Physics of Consciousness

In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls

The true nature of consciousness is of an issue of primary importance today.

A great many deceptions exist today that create conflicts among humans and with nature itself. In the modern world, the real possibility exists that such a conflict could threaten mankind’s existence.

It is logical to assume that every conflict is based on fundamental misunderstanding or lack of awareness of the true nature of existence. This is predicated on the notion that the consciousness and existence are the same thing. All misinterpretations and conflicts are rooted in differentiating consciousness from existence, i.e. separating what goes on in our head from what goes on in the outer world and  dividing our thoughts from our words and deeds.

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