Ivan Antic Books: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss Book Series (11 Books)

The basic theme of this series of books is exploring the connection between a personal experience of transcendental knowledge and ancient teachings that reveal reality objectively, without mixing in particular mythical or religious teachings. The ‘Existence – Consciousness – Bliss’ book series is primarily concerned with the teachings of Samkhya, the practice of meditation based on Patanjali’s work, the Yoga Sutras, and original Buddhist teachings.

Connecting transcendental experience with objective reality has led to Ivan Antic’s unique and original linking of ancient knowledge with modern science, thus shedding new light on the issue of consciousness and human essence as soul, artificial and biological intelligence, ethics, and the meaning of existence in the broadest context of civilizational development.

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Awakening: The Unity of the Outer and Inner Worlds


The Unity of the Outer and Inner Worlds

This book elucidates the multifaceted dimensions of the awakening process, encompassing psychological, spiritual, cultural, and the deepest laws of physics. Understanding your oneness with absolute consciousness is awakening.

The Physics of Consciousness

The Physics of Consciousness

In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls

Discover how the consciousness of the quantum field forms every moment, the whole of nature – all the mineral, plant, and animal life forms – and is the same consciousness that in no way differs from the awareness human beings have of themselves.

Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence - Book Cover


Unity of Consciousness and Existence

Classically, Samadhi denotes the unity of subject and object, the Self and the Absolute. Samadhi is defined here as the Unity of Consciousness and Existence. Enlightenment in man is achieved when awareness becomes fully expressed in all the Chakras.

Metaphysics of Astrology - Why Astrology Works - Book Cover

Metaphysics of Astrology

Why Astrology Works

Astrology is the science of how the holographic universe affects us. Astrology works. This book will show you how and why it works. By understanding astrology on a deeper level, you will more deeply understand yourself.

Meditation: First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice - Book Cover


First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice

Meditation accelerates your realization of true reality. You become more sensitive and alive. Your life is enriched. Learning and practicing the ancient art of Buddhist meditation -informed by concepts from modern science – you find inner peace and joy.

The Process of Realization Cover

The Process of Realization

A detailed description of the process of every kind of realization, the law of attraction, from quantum fields and mind, to the matter

The well-known Law of Attraction is presented in this book in a completely new way, through the explanation of the relations of the higher dimensions, which in the esoteric science are characterized by elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether).

Samkhya Book cover


An Ancient Science of Nature and the Human Soul

Samkhya is a theory of nature and consciousness that is older than the Vedas. The science of self-knowledge, yoga, is rooted in Samkhya and represents the practical application of its theoretical postulates.

The Moon

The Moon

Magnet for the Soul

From the dawn of time, the Moon has been a symbol of inspiration, fascination, and mystery. This book describes the Moon in a new way that will leave you intrigued and curious. Discover the oddities of our Moon.

Soul Guide on Planet Earth - Book cover

Soul Guide On Planet Earth

Your Soul is of Divine Origin, Everything Else is an Illusion that Rules this World

Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Or question when you will ever find it? A completely new review of the soul is now derived from the ancient heritage and mysticism, as well as the personal experiences of the author.

Everything is perfect Cover

Everything Is Perfect

Why Do We Not See It

If you are troubled by the paradoxes of life, the mystery of death, reincarnation, good and evil… here the background of these issues is clearly revealed. This book will help you to understand that personal growth require a shift in perception.

Religiousness - Instructions for Use


Instructions for Use

This book balances the sociology of religion, fundamental existentialist philosophy, esoteric tradition and mysticism and the modern world. It breaks all the patterns of traditional commentary on the subject, and will probably upset many spirits.

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