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What Is the Purpose of Life and the Reason for Our Existence?

The meaning of life is not hidden somewhere in the outside world, it is waiting for us to expose it, by our actions.


By asking this question we admit that we do not see the meaning of life. However, life itself has nothing hidden about itself, it is the manifestation of itself in all possible ways. Therefore, in order to arrive at a response regarding the meaning of life, we need to understand why we do not see the very life itself clearly. If we are unable to see what it is, it only means that we are in a state of illusion or sleep, we have the wrong concept of the whole thing.

The only proper concept that does not impose on the nature of the reality itself, which reveals the reality itself, is that we are conscious subjects or those who perceive life, and that life is all that is objectively happening and being observed.

Therefore, it is only necessary to understand what this conscious subject is and what all that is objectively happening as life is.

To understand what a conscious subject is, one needs to understand beforehand that consciousness is at the heart of all life. Consciousness is not a consequence of life, some combination of neurons in the brain that were created by evolution, meaning randomly, the way materialistic science teaches us wrongly. The truth is the other way round: life is a manifestation of consciousness. This is clearly shown in the design of all forms of life, down to the cells themselves, which are more complex than any car factory, which by themselves prove that they were created by intelligent design, higher awareness, or that consciousness preceded the creation of cells. DNA is also created by means of intelligent design. This is claimed by geneticists based on the nature of the DNA itself.

So, consciousness is before and beyond nature, it precedes and transcends all nature and life.

It is all presented in various ways in all religions and the entire spirituality of this world. Spirituality itself rests on the fact that consciousness precedes life and exceeds life.

How does consciousness manifest itself in nature and life? It occurs indirectly and directly. Indirectly, as nature itself and life, and directly as a conscious subject, who sees all nature and tests all life. This is  man.

Life (the cosmos) is the manifestation of all the possibilities of consciousness, and the man is a conscious subject who sees all these possibilities, and testifies to them, which implements them to the finest details through his fate and life drama.

It is the purpose of man’s existence: to be as good a witness as possible and to be an aware subject of everything that is objectively happening, of the very existence itself.



The meaning of life is in perception

Even our body is designed for perception and for performance in accordance with perception.

Not only our body: the whole nature is designed for perception, but in different dimensions.

Elements have perception, some elementary consciousness, crystals have memory, the water has memory as well; and it not only remembers, but also has an environmental perception. That was shown by Masaru Emoto. Cells, bacteria and microorganisms live based on their conscious connectivity and synchronized functioning. Each cell has the perception of everything else within every organism. On this cell perception, the life of an organism is based. Plants have an even bigger perception, of the entire space, the entire earth, all the way up to the stars. Plants feel our feelings, they do not even need to move because they have the perception of everything that happens even without movement. But they cannot act because they didn’t develop organs of action. Animals on the other hand have. Animals besides perception have the power of movement and action so they are even more perfect conscious subjects than plants. Through the food chain, animals develop perception and action. But only on the level of survival.

Only with people, perception becomes complete, because in addition to observation, they have the power to act, create new perception and all possible experiences, actions with tools and instruments, technology. Man has a drama of life that reveals the most hidden meaning of events, reasons and purpose to him. In order to develop his perception,  man has developed the overall culture and civilization.

Thus, the perception of elementary nature to human life drama and fate is perfected. All of this happens jointly and in parallel. That’s why all this co-exists together: minerals, plants, animals and people with their actions. The common existence of all this means that the present is the only reality and that time is illusory.

Therefore there is no evolution, neither evolution of consciousness nor evolution of life. There is only the awakening of the conscious subject. In order for the conscious subject, a person, to become awake, it should be exposed to the pressure of dreams and illusions. The whole history of mankind is the history of conspiracy against human consciousness. This conspiracy does not exist for the man to be enslaved, but to cause his awakening. Coercion and pressure crystallize human consciousness.

Man is in every way separated from reality and from the biblical myth of the expulsion from paradise to modern science that wrongly teaches him that life was created by accidental collision of material particles, and that consciousness itself is nothing but the consequence of dead matter,  science with its  scientifical viewpoint that is an insult to intelligence. Howevr, such science is taught at universities and anyone who opposes its dogma cannot advance in the career of a scientist.

Together with science, religions as well are created to deceive and mislead people from the true spirituality, so the question of consciousness and human essence is mired in the myths of gods and demons. Therefore, at best, people become slaves dependent on a savior, on some authority. Instead of the truth being an authority in itself, the authority has become a measure of truth and meaning to people.

Therefore, there is this question of the meaning of life, although life itself is such that it is plain view, life is the manifestation of oneself in all possible ways,  the entire nature rests on this. There is nothing hidden in it. We always perceive the meaning of life when we consciously surrender ourselves to nature, whether in an orgasm, or in a trance of admiring the beauty of existence or the miraculous power of nature’s action.

We cannot fail to notice the meaning of life at any given moment, we see the meaning of life in all those moments that fill us with livelihood and love, which we remember and from which we learn the most, which mostly refers to us, which we fight for with our greatest efforts.


Life has an extraordinarily deep meaning and purpose, and it is amazingly fascinating when understood.


The entire true spirituality teaches us that we see the meaning of life in ourselves, that it is always there, that we only need to observe it, not to look on the other side, not to hurry, to open our eyes, in other words, to become sufficiently aware. To see the meaning of life, one must first get rid of the old misconceptions and beliefs imposed on them by various authorities, both religious and scientific. Such liberation is from the earliest times, from Patanjali, practiced as meditation, as the calming of the mind from all the content.

The question of the meaning of life also arises because we do not understand our own true nature, the nature of consciousness with which we perceive existence, what is called the soul. The concept of the soul of man is completely distorted both in science and in religion.

The consciousness that creates all life is exactly what has been called the Divine Consciousness, God, or the consciousness of our soul since ancient times.

Unlike modern science that conceals the truth about the soul, there is an esoteric science that has been teaching the truth about all this for thousands of years, about the true nature of consciousness and our soul. According to esoteric science, all consciousness in nature and in ourselves comes from the soul, and our souls come from the divine Absolute (God) that enables everything, which enables the existence itself. The souls are its individual emanations or monads.

There is a beautiful parable in which the origin of the soul and consciousness is compared to the tree that is placed upside down, whose the roots are in the sky, and the branches and leaves are on the ground. The common root of all existence is in the highest sky, in the universal quantum field, from where it all emerges as a single phenomenon in space and time. From this common divine root, individual monads of consciousness are developed, which in the esoteric knowledge is called archangels and angels, while here on the earth each conscious individual being will be in that parabola as one leaf. These individual leaves are individual souls of each person. It is a structure of the existence of consciousness and of human souls which are the conscious subjects that perceive the entire existence; everything exists for conscious subjects, to be brought to consciousness and experienced. The whole existence is a mirror in which the divine consciousness, a consciousness that is narrowed and individualized in man, is reflected.

The consciousness in man is manifested in different states and energy centers, and that is why we do not see the true nature of reality and consciousness.

In the end, the divine consciousness is manifested in different dimensions and that is why we do not see the whole reality and the meaning of life.

Finally, the answer to this question is already in us because we are inseparable factors of the very existence, because we are the aware subjects of the entire objective existence.

Therefore, the realization of the meaning of life cannot come from the outside, nor can the answer be given from outside, in a form of a word. Life is not a description, but rather what is being described.

In order for our perception of the meaning of life to be perfect and pure, our actions must be the same. Perception and action are essentially one, like two sides of the same coin: the perception is turned inwardly, and the action is external.

In order to become fully aware of the meaning of life, we must become aware of it in ourselves firstly, we must be what we want to perceive. The meaning of life is not hidden away somewhere in the outside world. It is waiting for us to expose it, by our actions. Perception and action must be equal to reflect one another, which means that we act in accordance with the conscience, i.e. the consciousness of our soul.

What are we doing with ourselves every day? Is our conscience, the consciousness of our soul, clear?

This is the real question that we all need to ask before asking questions about the meaning of life.



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