Why do we need a new science of the soul?

Understanding how the consciousness of the soul manifests itself was made impossible due to religious dogma. Believers often deny the material world while glorifying the divine and a “return to paradise“ – their understanding combines the divine with the physical. Some flee the world to monasteries to “return to God“. Science, on the other hand, denies the existence of the soul using empirical arguments, rendering a proper understanding of the consciousness of the soul impossible.

Denying the physical world for the sake of the divine (as believers do) and denying the divine for the sake of the physical world (as scientists do) are equally wrong.

The new science of the soul should combine scientific precision with a decription of how the consciousness of the soul manifests itself.

When we know the true nature of our soul, then we realize that its essential property is to express itself in the physical world in all possible ways. The consciousness of the soul is spontaneously expressed as goodness and love, understanding and wisdom, as a primordial aspiration towards transcendence. Humans arrived on the scene spontaneously together with some form of religion. And it should be noted that this spontaneity of the soul’s consciousness also has negative aspects, including the childish behavior of adults, unrealistic expectations and naivety, all which have contributed to the waging of religious wars and conflicts of all kinds. The immature manifestation of the soul’s consciousness can be as negative and destructive as its non-manifestation. This is because the consciousness of the soul is the common basis of all life energy and progress, of all phenomena and events – the common basis of all existence. Therefore, its correct manifestation is of crucial importance. Everything that people learn in this world is exactly that: how to properly manifest the consciousness of their soul.

As the manifestation of the soul’s consciousness grew and matured over time, the need for scientific development developed. Scientific development is, in essence, only a more precise and thorough manifestation of the consciousness of the soul in the physical world. In order for the soul’s consciousness to manifest itself fully and constructively, maturely and correctly, it is necessary for a person to know the physical laws. Hence the need for science. Science is a natural continuation of religiosity, not its negation. Science has denied the true nature of the consciousness of the soul only in the initial phase of its development (which is still developing).

When the nature of the consciousness of the soul is better understood, namely in that it is one and the same as all existence, then it can be seen that it is manifested in everything that exists through creative expression.

Before being born in the body, the consciousness of the soul creates the whole of nature through intelligent design. When it is born in the human body, it continues to manifest itself through human work, the intelligent design of human crafts, science and technology, all of which can only rendered with a complete knowledge of natural laws. The better we know the laws of nature, the better our soul’s consciousness can manifest itself with the highest scientific precision and creativity.

Thus, the true purpose of science is to perfectly manifest the consciousness of the human soul.

The true purpose of the soul is to manifest itself with scientific precision.

It is this New Science of the Soul that drives the narrative of all of Ivan Antić’s books.


Although this is a negative process for the consciousness of the soul, it is necessary. This is just how human civilization is developing (to be clear, humanity has a long way to go, perhaps thousands of years before it sees positive results).

What do you know about your soul?

The notion of soul has lost its value in the modern world.

Marketing experts avoid anything to do with soul when their goal is to sell the books, because the general public is not very keen on the idea, besides, majority of them seem to be well-acquainted with the subject of the soul thinking there is nothing further to be said on the matter.

People have already been coached what to think about it.

Religion instructs you that your soul is of God you cannot see and are unable to know, a soul is something you have been granted and you may lose it if you are not good churchgoing folk. Not so long ago, church provided salvation of your soul in monetary terms, where a system was installed so that you can buy your sins off. A similar practice is still a standard way of functioning today. The obedience of believers is achieved through instigation of fear toward the clerical authority, and an open threat of having your soul burn in hell forever should you dare act contrary to church dogmas. Some religions even proclaim soul to be some kind of a demon wandering from the animal to the human world.

Science has upgraded you to the point you have become convinced that you do not have a soul. In psychology soul is defined as some foggy concoction of memories, feelings and life energy. It goes without saying that your soul can experience serious malady, you may even end up in a soul asylum.

What do you know about consciousness?

The bigger part of the religious practice is based on suppressing the consciousness and critical judgment. Faith is to a large degree substitute for awareness. Science is still unable to provide us with the accurate definition of consciousness. Mainstream academia teaches us that the only correct scientific truth is that consciousness originates from dead and unconscious matter (which is an insult to intelligence), that consciousness comes from the brain and is none too different from sensory perception, that it gets stored somewhere in the brain and it can be imported and exported on USB or some dead body, or a robot even. Other options found in popular literature are merely speculative.

The scientific image of our world is that we are located on the edge of one of innumerable galaxies, that our planet came into being by a random collision of particles of dead matter and sheer gravity, additionally, life originated as a genetic mutation error. Life has further mechanically developed through evolution by adjusting to environment, living organisms abandoned their marine life and adapted to dry land habitats, grew and developed themselves all the way to monkeys. And then, one monkey accidentally turned into a human. This is thought to have happened due to a DNA division error, or when monkey A learnt to use the tools and weapons, and crushed the skull of monkey B with a bone in his struggle for food. Bearing in mind that we have not gone past the monkey phase in our evolutionary process, which makes us imperfect, incapable and destructive, we are on a crash collision course of destroying our very own planet Earth.

This is the definition of man’s consciousness and soul according to religion and science.

The reality could not be further away from the truth.

The consciousness of our soul is the biggest creative force in the universe.

Consciousness has created the overall cosmos together with all the life by means of intelligent design.

Consciousness is at the base of life and existence itself. Consciousness and existence are one and the same thing: existence is what we witness outwardly, and consciousness we experience as our essence or soul. It is only due to our mind that we distinguish between the two, the outer and the inner one. By transcending the mind, the unity of divine consciousness is known – which is us, our own soul.

There is no multitude of consciousness, it is one and the same, it merely splits off and branches out from the Absolute down to the tiniest form of existence.

Conflicts and alienation that exist between people nowadays are illustrative of one thing only: to what a degree man is unaware of the true nature of consciousness and his own soul.

Heaven on Earth will happen once man knows his consciousness as the identical consciousness which enables everything else into existence, that it is the same one in other people, as well. Only with an insight of this kind people will understand one another properly, learn to love and cherish thy neighbor as thyself. Only in such a way can they learn to be in harmony with nature.


“In this body, not bigger than the handlebars,
There is the world, the beginning of the world and the end of the world.”
– Buddha (Anguttara-nikayo, 4,45)


Man is a microcosm. All cosmic laws are summarized in the human being.
Universe is a hologram where each part contains and reflects a unity.
Quantum physics established that the entire nature is actually energy in its essence,
that acts as matter only in the presence of a conscious observer.
Therefore, when the observer is not conscious, all physical world disappears, the same way it happens in a deep sleep without dreams.

The Absolute is everything that exists. Nothing is possible outside of it. The Absolute is the divine whole.
The soul of man is an aware subject of the objective existence.
The human soul is the individual emanation of the Divine whole.
Therefore, the soul is not some kind of psycho-energetic creation that appears and disappears together with the body.
The soul is an individualized divine consciousness, part of the same divine consciousness that enables the entire cosmos and life.

Because of the very presence of the man’s soul, nature is shaped the way it is, in all the life and existence.
The soul as a magnet, by its sheer existence, attracts the entire shaping of the energy of nature

In its higher dimensions, before the incarnation into the body, the soul is aware of itself and its divine essence.
The purpose of the man’s existence is to awaken during his life in the body, and become conscious of his soul, which is the emanation of the divine whole.

Then the divine whole becomes complete in the man, it gets manifested through him.

Then God becomes man and man realizes God in this world becoming filled with divine presence.


“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real.
Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.”
– Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi, sufi mystic

The relationship between the man and the soul

The relationship between the man and the soul

The simplest view of the organization of our being, which everyone in their own experience can recognize, is the division onto the lower and higher mind, and the consciousness of the soul.

The basic structure of the divine consciousness which enables everything in the human being is:

  1. The consciousness of the soul (which is transcendental and only partially embodies)
  2. The higher mind (or the higher I, stands between the physical body and the divine consciousness of the soul as their connection)
  3. The consciousness of the physical mind (or Ego, placed in the brain of the physical body)

The higher mind (2) has a higher and broader perspective, it sees every event from a larger dimension, in a wider context, and therefore can provide information to a lower, physical mind or Ego (3) which has a very limited perspective, and sees only what is perceived by senses. This information from the higher mind to the physical mind arrives as an inspiration or intuition, a sudden insight, in reality, but also through dreams, when the physical mind is suppressed and the higher mind can act on a human more easily. In this way, the higher mind connects our physical mind or the Ego with the consciousness of the soul.

All the religious and mystical experiences of mankind reflect the connection of the physical or empirical mind with the consciousness of the soul through the higher mind.

All human growth in consciousness and awareness is the growth of the presence of the consciousness of the soul in the body. Although it cannot fully embody, it can increase its presence in the physical body so that the body turns into light. Even though the greater presence of the consciousness of the soul in man is more clearly seen as kindness, love, wisdom, and enlightenment.

The consciousness of the soul and the higher mind in us becomes stronger through discipline, and that is, above all, the discipline of meditation, but together with it, and through a positive attitude towards life, we are approaching the consciousness which is at the core of life, and it is the consciousness of our soul. There is no other consciousness in existence. It is the same everywhere, but it is simply individually used and expressed. If we accept it with a positive attitude in ourselves and express it through ourselves, then we will come closer to the same consciousness that enables everything. In this way, we will also come closer to the understanding of everything, both ourselves and the world and our soul.

Bashar: About the nature of the soul

Adi Shankaracharya: Vivekachudamani – The perfection of soul recognition
The greatest piece about the nature of the soul and the path towards its recognition while we are overshadowed in this world. The term atman needs to be translated as “the soul” and the Brahman as the “divine Absolute” from which the soul arises, and the text will be much more comprehensible than the “Indian philosophy” in classical terms.

This piece speaks about the understanding of the soul, it belongs to the ancient Slavic knowledge of the divine essence of the man, which over time turned into a Vedic knowledge of the Indian version.

The literature essential for the comprehension of the soul

Dr Michael Newton: Journey of Souls

Dr Michael Newton: Destiny of Souls

Dr Michael Newton – interview
All about souls and reincarnation, life and death, here is based on the memories from the hypnotic regression, the true stories of participants during hypnotherapist sessions. Death is here described as an awakening from the dream and the illusion of life, almost the same as the spiritual awakening is described in Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

Although death is an awakening from the illusion of life, it is natural that the awakening does not last long, and the man falls back into a dream of a new life – unless, he consciously wakes up during his lifetime, and pure, transcendental consciousness becomes his permanent character.

In accordance with the Qatha-upanishad saying in which Yama, the god of death, says to Naqiketas: “If a Brahman who is an atman, a man does not realize here before the decay of the body, he embodies in the created worlds … What is here (this world) is there (the other, the divine world), what is there, is here: he who sees the difference in this, he encounters death in death (becomes re-born) … there is no difference here… When all the knots of the heart are broken up on the earth, the mortal becomes immortal – that’s how far the learning goes” (II-1, 4.10,11,15).

“The journey of the souls” is a book that will surely change everyone’s view of the world in the best possible way because many will recognize the information contained here, from their own experience, as I have recognized it – based on their out-of-the-body experiences, encounters with their spiritual guide(s) and the deceased.


That book has encouraged me to turn my experiences into a book:

Soul Guide On Planet Earth


The origin, or where we come from – The manifestation of everything through seven phases or proportions – Manifestation of everything through five dimensions – Human body as the foundation of personality – The dual nature of the emanation of God: the oblivion and the awakening – Organic life as the foundation of the human body – Human body as the foundation of personality – The complete personality as the foundation of the soul – The organic world as the stage for the drama of the personality – Personality as the personification of the Divine – Divine as the foundation of the soul – The presence of the Divine as a testimony – The mechanical manifestation of the organic world – The manifestation of the organic world as the basis for consciousness – The circle of creation: inorganic world, organic world and man – On the incarnations of souls before the organic life on Earth – The division of souls: the young, developed and highly developed – Souls get ready for a human life by shaping all other forms of life – Soul being born in a body – The beginning of oblivion – Communication between mind and soul – Why the soul is always good – Why some people are not good – The decline of soul – the opposite point on the circle of Divine manifestation – Some of the characteristics and problems of young souls – Some of the characteristics and problems of the medium developed souls – Some characteristics and problems of highly developed souls – Some of the observations of the young, medium and the highly developed souls – Everyday life of Bringers of the light – Planets condition the organic world – Soul and karma – Soul and science – Soul and religion – Three kinds of work: physical, intellectual and intending – Work on oneself
Man’s testimony of the presence of the Divine.


After that book, I described the relationship of mind and soul in much more detail in my book Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence


Jane Roberts

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

The most complete and concise report of the soul, the nature of consciousness and life in general, given firsthand, from the highly developed soul itself, that named itself Seth (the name has no religious or mythological connotation).

The text was dictated by this highly developed soul through the medium Jane Roberts back in 1971, long before modern research on the soul through hypnotic regression took place, and shows to what a degree such research is correct.

The book should be read slowly and carefully because the nature of what is being said by this highly developed soul is extremely precise and there are no superfluous words.

On page 118. one example, in addition to many others, is related to my personal experience.

On page 118. Seth talks about advanced souls who help other souls during life when they enter that world (i.e. “death”). When my dad was dying of bone cancer, he was lying with me in the room where we slept. He died at night, and that night I spontaneously went onto astral and saw him walking to and fro in the apartment all confused, not understanding what was happening to him. I told him that he had left the body and that everything was fine, that life was going on and that he needs to be aware of himself. After that, something nice happened in connection with the light I cannot remember now, i.e. my consciousness at that moment did not make a note of the event because it was not necessary at the time, but Seth explained the nature of the event very well. Like many other details, for that matter.

The essence of all his communication is that souls are conscious creators of our entire reality, both physical and metaphysical. While we are constrained by the ego and the body, we are not aware of it, but the souls are the consciousness that creates everything, all forms, from the very body it wears, in the same manner we wear our clothes, to the entire reality of life.



A good overview of evidence and testimonies about the existence of the soul that science is faced with.

Our soul plans the challenges of life before birth

Robert Schwartz: Your Soul’s Plan


Wonderful examples of physical interventions of souls on people’s lives

Saving the children from the bomb – Cokeville, Wyoming, 1986.

A feast with the guide

The materialization of the soul-guide during rescue

A group materialization during a rescue situation

The materialization of the rescuers – they just appear and disappear

The soul saves its body through a physical intervention

The soul heals its body, all you need to do is ask nicely

The soul of the deceased announces the birth of a new soul through dreams

The help of the father

Two interventions of the souls

A classic visit from that world

An answer to love arrives always

A good presentiment of a mature soul

The help for an emergency

A soul can see even with its eyes closed

The contact of the soul with a baby, the plans and the strategies of birth

Saving a fireman


A deceased grandfather takes care of his grandchild

The help of the guide through a phone call

The help of the deceased to the living through a dog

A saving instruction through a dream

A guide pretends to be a saint in order to help – or a higher soul helps when called upon

Directing all events by the soul at rescue

The soul of the deceased contacts the living through physical events

The soul keeps the body warm so it wouldn’t freeze

A single voice is enough



There and back with a message

A precise guiding

The souls of animals see everything as well

The materialization of the first aid

The materialization of the healer in the hospital


A classic work that explains the actions of the souls and the guides to the physical life of the man:

Charles W Leadbeater: Invisible helpers and the life after death


For a better understanding, the descriptions of the higher worlds should also be read:

Charles W Leadbeater: The Astral Plane

Charles W Leadbeater: Le Plan Mental


Raymond Moody: Life After Life
The first study on the experiences behind this life of/by the people who experienced clinical death, who fully correlate with the experiences from hypnotic regression by M. Newton.

Raymond Moody: The Light Beyond
The continuation of the life after life research


Robert Monroe: The reason we reincarnate


Anita Moorjani – Death is awakening
Anita Moorjani in Sedona – The experience of close death
The experience of enlightenment during clinical death


Gregg Braden – Feelings, energy and consciousness for the creation of reality and self-healing
Description of how our Heart i.e. soul affects the electromagnetic field that creates physical reality


The souls are the carriers of the intelligent design of nature


In addition to the human and animal world, the world of plants is an even better indicator of the activity of consciousness in nature, and that everything is a part of the conscious, intelligent design. Siberian oats that plants itself in the ground (it has to hurry because it is in for a short spring) is the best proof of it. Souls design all other life forms in nature, during the period when they are not incarnated in the body.



Although Judeo-Christianity teaches us that there is no reincarnation, according to church dogmatists, and some holy people of the early Christian church, the soul continues to learn after the death of the body. There is no reason why it would not continue to learn in the new life in this world, not just in “the other one.” There is absolutely nothing negative about reincarnation; it is a positive, logical and natural view of life and the development of consciousness through the experience of causality and purposefulness.

The one who does not believe in reincarnation does not believe in the soul either, because, according to this logic, the soul did not exist before birth, and it cannot exist after the death of the body either. It is a materialistic attitude. In the mortal body, immortal soul cannot be created. If the soul existed before birth, it will exist even after the body dies, and this is called incarnation. Moreover, there is no logical or spiritual reason why incarnation would not be repeated, in the form of reincarnation. After all, it is obvious that one life is not sufficient for the soul to attain the divine maturity. Many people live monotonous and modest lives, and many die young. The nature and the contents of the lives and the experiences of each of us show that its causality cannot be limited to this one life only. The complexity and purposefulness of biological life are far too great to serve only one life made up of eating, sleeping, working and death. Too much effort has been invested in the design of this world and the cosmos, for it to serve only one life that does not lead anywhere but death. If the soul were born only once, the life maturity of all people would be identical as the consequence of it. However, there is a diversity of human experiences that show a different degree of maturity of souls in different incarnations. Everything points to a wider context, to a higher perspective in which human life in the physical body is just one episode and a part of a lengthy process.

If a devil wanted to seize human consciousness, he would then introduce such a belief: that there is no reincarnation. This would capture the consciousness of the soul inside of one life without perspective, and it would thus develop the fear and the mentality of the slave.

Unfortunately, all the Judeo-Christian institutions are based on such mentality.

The Church forbade believing in reincarnation because it is related to the principle of karma, believers would then seek the responsibility for their salvation in themselves and their actions, and thus lose the inviolable authority of the church, and this authority is given to the church by itself, claiming that salvation is only possible through its institutionalized dogma. This would also undermine the fundamental dogma of the Church that people are truly sinful, just because they are people, not because they did something bad. The dogma of the primal, original, sin of all mankind is actually a program for controlling the mind by introducing the guilt, fear and mentality of the slave.

Teachers of the original, early (pre-church) Christianity taught that the birth in the physical world is the descent of the spirit into matter, and that death in the physical body is the birth in the spiritual world – the process of rebirth (Gospel of John, 3: 3,5) the return of the man to the original state – “status quo before physical birth”.

(There is also the belief that the reason for the ecclesiastical restraint towards the belief in reincarnation has another aspect, which is to avoid the situation that exists in India, where people live in misery forever hoping for a better life in the future. With the belief that this life is the only one we have, people are more motivated to work and create better conditions. This is not true and is based on the misinterpretation of reincarnation. It is the faith in reincarnation that is related to karma, in other words, work and results of work, to accountability for our actions here and now, because irresponsibility will also reflect on the future. On the other hand, the belief that this life is the only one, completely separates the man from his responsibility, and it all comes down to the fear and dependence on the higher authority that gives and controls life, and the church has long ago become not only the mediator, but that same authority.)

The souls, in fact, have one life, but that life consists of many incarnations, just as the earthly life consists of many days and nights, sleep and awakening. Our earthly life is the microcosmic embodiment of a much larger, macrocosmic life of the soul.

The soul of a man does not incarnate in its entirety, and it is so great that everything experienced by the incarnated part, the greatest tribulation and suffering in the body, is just like a dream and a small nightmare that cannot harm the soul. That’s why innocent and young people get so easily killed. Many souls do not plan to stay long in life, but just as much as they need to experience it. For the soul, it is just like for us here when we dream that something terrible happened to us, and when we wake up it does not mean anything, because we know it was just a dream. It is explained in Bhagavad Gita that the soul neither grows nor dies, that nobody kills, nor is killed. Although free from genuine suffering, the soul has a process of growth and maturing that develops successfully only in kindness, righteousness, and support towards life.

The awakening of the soul brings testimonies in the form of a resurrection or return to the Divine Source. There is no change at that time. Reincarnation, therefore, is not an impersonal reconstruction and the eternal return of the same, but a purposeful growth towards the realization in the Divine. This final accomplishment is achieved here and now, because the physical world is a sum of all the other higher worlds, the basis of their realization, and because this life is a microcosm of all the other lives.

Only after the testimonies given in this book (Dr Michael Newton: Journey of Souls), that physical life is only a profound dream in which the souls deliberately and purposefully fall, while with their greater part (over 50% of their energy) remains in the transcendental Divine world, many expressions of the spiritual awakening such as the one said by Ramana Maharshi, that the liberated soul (jiva mukta) realizes that it is neither born nor dying, that for it, the life in the body is just a drama played by it as an actor; Nisargadatta that we are the Divine which we imagine from the outside; Adi Shankara about the world as a dream and illusion; Gaudapada that there is no difference between reality and sleep, and that our Self (atman) is above all conditions; Buddha; that one simply needs to wake up, nothing more.

Before the birth in the body and after leaving it, our soul is in a far higher state of consciousness than now, i.e. then it is aware of itself. Here however, it is just experiencing oblivion.

While we are in the body, we are, in fact, as dead as we will ever be. This life is the deadest phase we could ever find ourselves in. The true measure of the illusion the mind creates in this world is seen in the number of people who are afraid of death, and keep wondering whether they will exist after it.

That is why there is the doctrine of Patanjali and Buddhist meditation, which objectively and consciously establishes the meaning and the purpose of all the events of the body, the feelings and the mind. By being objectively aware of all the events, we achieve them in a sense and become liberated (this is also the base of the ho’o ponopono principle). The more we can become aware of them during life, the more we are ready to die – and the more we are ready to die, we are ready to live.

With meditation, we ourselves do what nature would force us to, both during life and after death. That is why it is said that the awakening through meditation is the path towards the liberation from suffering. Life is simply based on the fact that we should consciously do everything we need to, so that death would not make us do it.

Osho: Death the Greatest Fiction (perhaps the best description of the homogeneity of the experience of meditation, waking up and dying)

We are essentially not born nor can we die, our souls are “up” in the Divine world all the time. This life, which seems to us separated from the Divine, is just our profound dream, Matrix field in which we learn about all the possibilities of expressing and experiencing. We do not remember ourselves so that we can fully experience it. When we fully experience it objectively, then we remember ourselves and we see that we are unborn and untouched by anything from this world, just as when we wake up from sleep and we are no longer touched by the contents that we dreamed about. This state of true vigilance and the self-consciousness of the soul is described in all the true works of the spiritual awakening, such as Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, all those truly enlightened bear witness to it.

When we fall into a dream in this world, we for a brief moment go into astral world that automatically projects the contents of our unconscious world, so that we could become aware of it.

When our soul falls asleep in the Divine, we immediately find ourselves in the physical world (“we are born” in the body as a human), which automatically designs the circumstances (karman) which, by their content, point to the soul the responsibility for the consciousness of itself as the Divine Spirit.

Just as the mind in a dream projects its contents and we identify with them as if they were real, although they are nothing but dreams, so the soul before the incarnation projects a life that it will live in the body and it is then born, and experience that life as if it were real, though it is nothing but a dream.

The same way we can wake up and have a lucid dream during sleeping phase or a projection of the astral body, we can wake up to reality the same way, and simply witness the entire existence as a dream and our immortal essence. That is the purpose of meditation.

The mind always has some contents it deals with throughout our life, except for a deep sleep without dreams. Something is always there. The thought may move, some passion or desire, some memory, some future idea, some word, something always is in motion. All this movement is of prakrti, nature, it designs itself under the attractive action of the transcendental soul in us. All thoughts are from prakrti, they are not ours. We only use them and identify with them. This continues constantly throughout our life in the body. Only when you fall asleep, in deep sleep, the contents stop. The mind disappears, and you are in yourself void of any content.

This should be remembered because such a state will also be a state of samadhi, with only one difference: you will be aware. In deep sleep, you are unconscious, the mind goes completely into nonexistence. You are alone, you have remained alone – no thought, only your being. But you are not aware. The mind is not there to bother you, but you are not aware, awaken.

Otherwise sleep can be enlightenment. Meaningless consciousness is there, but the consciousness is not actual, awake. It is hidden – just like the seed. In Samadhi, the seed has sprouted, consciousness becomes actual, awake. When consciousness is current and awake, and there is no content, that is the goal. Sleeping with consciousness is the goal. In other words: vigilance during a dream makes up this world. This is the purpose of the incarnation of the soul. Out of birth in the body, between incarnations, the souls are in their authentic state (svarupa – see Yoga Sutra 1.3). They are born into this world with the illusion of individuality and separation in order to become awaken here for what they always are. That way, the Divine, whose souls are only its emanations, becomes actualized in all the planes of its existence. That is why in our life the appearance of lucid dreams or out of body experiences is very important as a form of training on the path of awakening. In fact, the experiences of waking up in a dream appear first; as a result of proper meditation.

Being as awake in the physical world, as you are in a lucid dream, is the beginning of the great awakening of the soul.

The famous question asked by Chuang Tzu: “Am I a man who dreams of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly who dreams of being human?” is based on this experience.

The Sufi mystic El Gazali had a similar observation: “People in this world are sleeping, and when they die, they wake up.”

Nevertheless, they are not permanently awakened even then, although for a short period of time they see the “clear light” of their true Divine essence. The power of impressions from the physical life draws them back into further experience and new incarnations. Each soul has a series of incarnations longer or shorter before it becomes aware of itself during the physical life and therefore becomes free from the need of new incarnations.

This need ends with the realization of the true nature of everything or with prakrti, that it is the ancient base, the ancient stem (universal field, the quantum hologram), the timeless sum of everything that can be at all, what was and what will be, everything is simply expressed through this ancient stem, which means that everything has already been there, nothing new is created. Only our mind, caught up in the snake’s illusion of time, experiences this manifestation as an individual occurrence in a linear time trace. Such a mind itself causes this occurrence. That’s why we see a three-dimensional world and the illusion of everything happening during the course of time. The thing is in the awakening. Only in sleep is there a time, an illusion of separation, and a process of achieving the timeless unity. We are always in it, but we dream that we are not, that we are separate physical individuals, the things appear as new and individually in our experience. From the perspective of the soul, our individual physical birth never happened, our consciousness simply entered the illusion of time. That is why our awakening or enlightenment arises only when we wake up from the illusion of time, when we see the whole nature (prakrti) as one whole, as a simultaneous or timeless One, and ourselves, our soul as a conscious subject or the witness of everything, to which and because of who, all of this happens in the first place: for the purpose of the differentiation of consciousness and / or awakening. The entire existence exists for awakening only.

The awakened souls who have completed their experiences with incarnations become spiritual guides of the younger souls. They are mistakenly called “guardian angels”. The souls can only conditionally be divided into the old and the young ones, this division is not real. They are all timeless One in the Divine, and the qualities of the old, experienced ones, and young, i.e. inexperienced ones relates only to their life experiences during incarnations. “Young” are only those who have just begun their series of incarnations, and the “old” ones are those whose circle is ending.

In the process of dying we pass through the same degrees that are experienced at higher states of meditation. Plutarch already said: “At the moment of death, the spirit experiences the same thing as those who are initiated into great mysteries.”

This is what the experience of the mystics who say that death during life is the only way to meet God, is based on.

When the soul is released from the body, it experiences a severe disappointment due to the fact that, during the life in the body, it was not able to realize its true, Divine nature.

The first real awareness of oneself, which the soul experiences when leaving the body, leads it to forgive everyone and everything that was done during life.

It is also a cause of severe remorse for all the actions and sins that it committed out of sheer ignorance of its true nature, while it was fascinated with the body and with the conditioned mind.

After death, in the timeless moment of recapitulation, the man experiences all that he lived, but not only what he did to others, he also experiences all that others felt when he did something to them.

Repentance is the reason why the soul always decides to reincarnate in the body, so it could correct its mistakes.

It will do so until it develops such awareness of itself that it can keep hold of it while experiencing the worst drama of life in the body until the point it attains the complete independence from the body and mind while still residing in the body and mind – until it is able to keep the awareness of its Divine nature, even when it is seemingly in its most separated stage away from its Divine nature. Then the cycle of its incarnations will be completed and fulfilled, because then, through itself and its own consciousness, it will bring about the reality of the Divine presence in everything.

That is the purpose of its incarnations.

The more the soul is unconscious of itself, the more it is present in the physical world. The physical world exists because of this unconsciousness, just as astral exists because of our attachment to the contents of dreams. Our everyday dreams show us what is happening in the great plan of the soul: the more we have identified ourselves with the contents of dreams, the more we are personally involved in that dream. The more the soul is aware of itself (as a transcendental Self), the more the physical world disappears for it, and only the Divine remains as itself.

The physical world is tangible or materialized unconsciousness. It is needed as a basis for the projection of the image, idea, or intention of the Divine to be expressed as an individual soul.

The dream of this physical world is only bigger and rougher than our little everyday dreams. Also, because of its inert nature, the physical world has the capacity to be a common factor of more souls, not just an individual area as our astral dreams. The learning of the souls cannot be individual only, but reciprocal as well. That is why they are “born” in the common world. The physical world is the collective dream of the souls.

And this is the whole story behind all the allusions regarding man’s immortality, spirituality, spiritual awakening, resurrection or enlightenment.

Everything else is just another dream in a dream.

The whole process of life is the process of awareness.

It is practically reduced to the process of letting the increased presence of the soul consciousness into this life and physical body. The enlightened people (Buddha) and the great devotees who testified about the knowledge and the power of the soul (Jesus) are just examples of the maximum presence of the soul consciousness that can be attained in the physical body.

This is evidenced by all the ancient knowledge of mystical light:

Eliade: Mefistofeles and Androgin

The same is confirmed by contemporary research:
About the light, the consciousness and the sun

Meher Baba: GOD SPEAKS
About the life of the soul through incarnation according to the Sufi mysticism teaching.

Little addition to the book: from the perspective of the Divine, the entire manifestation of the cosmos and the individual souls and their evolution, in the form of a mineral, plant, animal and human experience, does not happen in time or in space. All this is the current act of the imagination of the Divine. All souls are One in the Divine. That is why all aspects of the experiences of soul consciousness are already present all around us and within us as mineral, plant, animal and human forms of being. All the worlds arise in an imaginary moment. At the present moment. The illusion of individual souls is that their existence takes place over time and over a large number of reincarnations. This projection of time is actually a dream. It looks like that from the perspective of the human mind. From the perspective of the Divine, it is the current act, the imaginary act, which, therefore, never, ever objectively occurred. Timeless unity of the Divine is the only reality, and everything else is an illusion. Due to this, the awakening is always possible, and nothing but revival is possible or necessary.


On the doubts and conflicts of the soul with the troubles in life

About the position of soul in different religions


The original Buddha’s teaching, written in the pali canon, represents the purest testimony of self-consciousness of the soul in this world.
It is the teaching that the body, feelings, states of mind and thought are not our permanent or essential character.
Тhat is what the soul realizes after the release from the body.
When the soul is realized during the life in the body, then the man is enlightened or awakened.
Then, as a soul, he sees that he was not even born, nor can he die.

In order to conceal this purest testimony of the true nature of the human soul, a great effort was made to distort and portray the teachings of Buddha as a “soulless religion”. This work was done by Masonic translators of Buddhist texts in Western languages. Buddha did not speak of the soul as our lasting property, for it would thus have the opposite effect, when something like that is said to an unenlightened mind, then it exchanges the information about it with the knowledge of it, and makes a religion or a dogma out of it. In Buddha’s time in India, there was a great deal of learning about the soul of man, from materialistic to animist, and it is understandable that he had to negate all that nonsense when asked about it. On the other hand, it is not necessary for the soul to convince itself that it is what it is. Buddha was just talking about awakening and practice of revival. And nothing else. This practice takes place only by awareness, i.e. by distinguishing pure consciousness from everything that it is not. He said that there was nothing permanent in anything, and it is what physicists say today, but he did not point to nonsense, but to the true nature of existence and, indirectly, to the consciousness that recognizes it, which must be independent and objective in relation to all that it realizes. The consciousness with which a person wakes up in Buddhism is the consciousness of the soul. He spoke clearly against nothingness and against eternalism, against any kind of substance. He talked about the middle path, i.e. the path from the center, the path of purification from all attitudes and viewpoints, the path of revival. He spoke only of objective consciousness and practice for its consolidation.

Such independence and objectivity in comparison to the whole existence, only the soul of man has.
It is also the only one that encourages the principle of consciousness.
A Buddhist view of the world is the view we have when we return to our original state of soul after the physical life.

Advaita vedanta

In addition to Buddha, Adi Shankara the founder of the advaita vedanta, clearly speaks only of the soul and its distinction – especially in the works the Self-Knowledge (Atmabodha) and the “Jewel of Difference” (Vivekacudamani). These works are necessary for anyone who wants to know himself – his own soul. Advaita vedanta is essentially a Buddhist teaching but with a greater emphasis on the descriptions of the goal, while Buddha’s teaching is primarily directed to practice for reaching the goal. This is an important difference that has led to these two teachings being considered different. They are distinguished only by the conditioned mind. The Advaita Vedanta is more concerned with pleasing the features of the mind to project its contents and to keep these projections for real achievements. (This problem has been explained in detail by Jiddu Krishnamurti in his work The First and Last Freedom).

Buddhism does not allow it at the basis. Therefore, no one can be a Buddhist, one can only be awakened and as such testify to the truth of Buddha’s teaching. But everyone can be a vedantin as a member of the order and philosophize about the vedanta even though he is not awakened.

The greatest value of the Advaita Vedanta is that it definitely and correctly identifies the soul as an awareness of itself or the Self – atman, and that this atman is an individual expression of the Brahman (Absolute), the divine consciousness.

When Adi Shankara describes an enlightened man, jivanmukta, he describes the state of consciousness of the soul that we have when we completely overcome the influences of this world, whether we are still alive in the body or not.

Both Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta rely heavily on an even older study of Sankhya and Patanjali’s Yoga. Sankhya is the most expressive and most objective science of the soul on this planet.


Prior to the creation of the Christian church, there were ancient schools of esoteric knowledge that have taught in detail about the soul, its nature and condition in the body, as well as the practice of liberating the soul through self-awareness (Gnosis). They were present from Egypt to India. One aspect of their learning is that there are negative forces that condition the human life in this world while in the body, and they called these forces Archons. They are the rulers of the world and are still in command through their people who are especially genetically modified to serve them. This is all the former and the modern-day aristocracy which owns all the corporations that govern the world. During the Roman era, they ruled over Rome. In order to stop the true learning of the man’s soul and its self-knowing, they used the action of one of the great devotees of that time, who is known under the false name Jesus, and used some of his words to create the Christian church. “A Sermon on the Mount” as well as some of his non-forged words, especially in “The Gospel of Thomas”represent the greatest truth about the soul in this world. But they are also hard to understand because they are taken out of context of a wider work on oneself. Although few in number, they were able to comfort, guide, remind many people, and empower them to soulfulness in this world where the soulless are the ones who rule. Everything else we can find in the Bible that is present today was forged by the rulers and twisted to suit their goals: that the concrete self-knowing of the soul is averted by the subordinate mentality of a sinner, the eternal “belief” projected in the Jewish God and the authority of the church institution. The living truth testified by Jesus was turned into a religion, which even openly tells people that they are slaves. And people accepted it. Not everyone and not immediately. All those who were not deceived were massively murdered and persecuted as “heretics”. Some later separated to form the Orthodox Church and managed to preserve some of the original teachings of Christ about the soul, but this is above all, due to the innate Slav mentality, and not just the ecclesial teaching, the spirituality that comes from the very people who in spite of everything managed to understand something about the true teaching of Jesus thanks to the true monks, the vassals.

The knowledge of old schools about the soul has been partly preserved in what is known as the “esoteric Christianity”.

Some of it was successfully preserved and presented to us by G. I. Gurdjieff.

Other religions

Other religions do not deal with the human soul at all, revealing its true nature and purifying its presence is not their concern.

The so-called “ethical religions” – Islam and Judaism – are completely focused on controlling the mind and the body, they do not deal with the liberation of the soul. In them, the control of the mind serves only to enslave the soul while in the body, while spirituality expressed is only verbal and ritual. In essence, wherever ritualism, fanaticism and exclusivity prevail, the mentality is usually suppressed.

Ethical religions, Judaism, Islam and partly Christian fundamentalism, are primarily devoted to the culture of behavior and awareness of the body. It is the lowest form of religiousness and belongs to the basic education of the people in this world. They contain in detail, everything that a man has to do every day and for the rest of his life, from dressing and eating to his way of thinking when it comes to all the general questions together with the viewpoint on the world, life and cosmos. Without this, immature people are lost and distracted. That is why these religions are strict in their beliefs, for their unbelievers and apostates are faced with a death penalty or excommunication from the society. Therefore, it can be said that they are lifelong slaves with programmed minds, and not believers. They had to be strict because they were intended for completely unconscious and immature nations. These religions therefore had their great justification in earlier times and have it partly today as well, but over time and the merging of the collective consciousness, culture and education, they are becoming increasingly less necessary and even a factor of limiting the development of the civilization. Hence, there is a conflict of the civilizations based on the conflict of these religions that restrain life and drag it backwards with modern civilization that strives for the greater freedom and awareness of the people.

Other religions are mostly animistic, which means they either do not have a soul for the content or are degrading it to the animal nature.

In such nations there is a belief that the soul after the death, goes into the world of animals and demons.

About the position of the soul in this world and in the New Age

One of the most common causes of conflict and misunderstanding between people is the different existential maturity of their souls.

But there is another deeper problem. It rests on the very transcendental nature of the human soul.

It is a divine outcome, and therefore it is instinctively aware that this world is only a dream (maya, illusion). It can enjoy it if it is beautiful, but it can never take it seriously. That is why all soulful people are always positive, slightly childish and playful, always full of forgiveness and love, because they are essentially higher and wider than anything that is happening in this world. Completely enlightened people always become completely detached from the body and this world. They have fully recognized themselves as a transcendental soul and directly see the divine presence everywhere, in the very existence itself. (The best example for this is the greatest saint of the modern age Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

That is why they have no desire to perfect this material world, to develop technology.

The world is already a perfect divine creation for them.

On other planets, there are human communities that know everything about the cosmos, but they do not use technology except to a minimal degree for travel. They develop and maintain only the consciousness of the soul about the divine outcome.

However, the plan of the existence of this planet is slightly different. Earth is a place where young souls incarnate in order to learn the whole process of creation through work and karma, i.e. the responsibility for their actions.

That is why the whole process of cosmic creation is placed in the energy centers of the human body, in the chakras, as a microcosmic replica of cosmic creation. Therefore, by its own awareness, man activates and realizes the energetic centers that represent the levels of consciousness and being, thus becoming aware of the objective reality through the interaction with it.

The man is a link between the outside and the inner world .

His being contains all the dimensions of which the universe is made. They all interconnect within his being, and become aware of themselves.

That is why man must work in parallel, on his inner, as well as on his outer appearance, to transform the nature in accordance with his own transformation in the divine spirit.

In order for a young and immature soul in this world to start “working in the sweat of thy brow”, in order to transform the nature through its work, coercion and enforcement are needed, because the Divine in man is too strong and makes him somewhat inert towards the outer performance.

That is why, mainly in the West, cultures with such coercion and enforcement have been created.

In the East, the cultures that have preserved and nurtured the knowledge of the true nature of the soul have developed.

Still, their balance is needed, so that the essence would not be lost.

Now, their merging and permeation is happening.

But without the coercion, the soulful people and traditional nations tend to change things slowly or in no way, at all; they are conservative and content with the minimum. Due to their mentality, they are happy with the existence as it is, so they could lay back and enjoy it.

However, the maturity of the souls in the West is not manifested merely by the recognition of one’s own divine essence as in the East, but also by the degree of transformation and understanding of the entire existence, through material culture and development. This self-perceiving transformation, which involves all nature through the work and the development of the technology, is the main reason for the incarnation of souls on this planet. This is described in Gnostic texts as a process of continuing the divine creation with the help of humans. But, as we have said, souls need to be forced into this work. They are a bit lazy and innocent because of their divine outcome, which they always feel and see in everything. They must be driven out of paradise by being cheated and forced to “work the earth in the sweat of thy brow,” i.e. to transform the matter. To transform it, they must learn the whole process of creation, the so-called science.

The coercion and enforcement was created through Judeo-Christian religion and culture.

That is why it is the leader of the creation of modern civilization and technology, while the old nations have remained well-rooted in their tradition, and if they had any say in the matter, they would happily remain there. They would sit on the earth for centuries and discuss religion. The greatest civilizations until the 20th century were Chinese and Indian, but they did not have Judeo-Christianity (or “Judeo-masons”) and therefore entered the 20th century with an oxen cart, and they would remain where they were if the West had not changed the global situation and initiated materialization. Hence, there is a conflict. It is most visible in the civilizational conflict of traditional values and the New Age, then in the conflict between Islam and the West, the Catholic and the Orthodox Church, more precisely the Slavs. The traditions firmly keep the soulful values in everything. Islam, owing to the heritage of Sufism, holds the Divine above all, as the highest value, at least theoretically and formally while praying to God five times a day, but, on the other hand, they cannot be persuaded to make a sewage system or respect one single traffic sign. Slavic nations, although far more capable of creative work, stubbornly keep soulfulness as one of the only norms of all values in this world. That is why they are in conflict with the bearers of coercion and enforcement, who are trying to materialize existence, which is the Catholic Church, and the Western forces led by Zionist America. The cross, which is also a symbol of NATO, represents precisely the process of materialization and concretization, differentiation of the consciousness in the matter.

This conflict is easily perceived when a Catholic despises an Orthodox for a general material lack of culture, but vice versa as well; when the Orthodox resents the Catholic or the Protestant because of soulless materialism and all the dishonest means and lies the other one uses to achieve the goal. And these are used to lying very often, because all truth is on the side of the soulful people. In order to carry out materialization, it is necessary to use lies and deceit, to work against the interests of the soul, because all the truth of this world is divine and soulful.

Their entire plan is public, they openly portray it, from the Masonic compasses and hammer, their “great builder”, their name “freemasons”, their heraldic and symbols. They are the elite of the culture and industrialization of every society. All this is present everywhere around us (1234 ). It is in the foundations of the Western civilization and the new age.

The Illuminati use and usurp all that relates to objective knowledge and awareness – from the pyramid and the allied eye through all the symbols of astrology and cosmology – so that they would not be used and recognized. They show it all as their own heritage, hide it, and share very little information about it so that we would not recognize it as our heritage and essence.

Their whole history and symbolism are filled with motives of consciousness and awakening because everything in this world revolves around it. That is why they control it in every way.

On the other hand, the very souls in their maturing in this world are enthralled with new enthusiasm by new, modern, better things, technology and culture, elite, urban civil environment, creation in every aspect, and especially in terms of life ordering and the advancement of civilization. They need only an incentive not to stand in their complacency with what has already been done. The more the soul is mature and self-conscious, the more it is related to nature and simplicity, to the very existence which recognizes Divine in everything, as the greatest master and builder who already does everything.

Soulful people are always good, so the other ones must be evil, cause evil. The soul is incapable of carrying out the materialization plan. In order to experience this contradiction, it does not need the help of “petty torturers”, soulless entities that are material in nature. Some of the deepest soulful characteristics and values of people manifest precisely at their hardest times, just as their worst weaknesses are shown in the worst situations. Thus, man learns all of his opposites and possibilities. And everything that is soulless and evil in this world comes from them: from the Jesuits, their masons, the Zionists and the Illuminati, the ruler families, the aristocracy, who have their own Luciferian program to force people to develop technology and master the matter. All of them openly adore Lucifer, and Lucifer is the emanation of the divine consciousness that falls into matter.

The only question is how much have they lost their balance in their evil conduct and bloodthirsty approach, and thus turned from this program to the madness of ruling over the people.

(Maybe I should have written a special “Reminder for the devils”, especially for them. However, this text will be enough because they read everything I write.)

We should not be surprised that they easily lose balance and exaggerate in the evil, because, first of all, they do not have mental maturity to know objectively enough what they are doing and, secondly, they are programmed to do what they do.

Moreover, it is highly likely that the balance of coercion and pressure in question that is exerted on people on the one hand, and freedom on the other hand, depends on both parties in this equation, and it, therefore depends on the level of maturity of the peoples soul.

The souls themselves are of divine origin and do not have material interests, in fact their interests are contrary to the materialization. That is why negative force and compulsion is needed; so that people with human souls on earth master the matter and all other material processes, which has recently got the name of ”science”. This process of materialization is, by its very nature, negative for people with the human soul, but it is nevertheless a divine plan to carry it out on the Earth because when people with human soul once master the matter, then the entire divine nature (which is carried on through human souls) will be united with its contradiction, with the matter. Then the Divine will be fully realized in the entire existence, in this world. Through man.

This conflict between people and non-people is now present in Ukraine. It was recently present on the Balkan peninsula. In all likelihood, it will continue to expand until most people in this world are forced to achieve the balance of the outside world with the inner substance, to take the divine plan into their own hands and to harmonize their outward existence with the inner divine presence, with their own spirituality. This is the only way the Divine can become present in this world; become the realization of the prayer: “… let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as in heaven …”. It comes through man. It does not fall from the sky.

Rudolf Steiner also reveals the details of the fight between people who have a human soul and non-people.

In 1802 an alliance was established between the Jesuits and the Masonic lodges, which until then had dealt exclusively with occult knowledge. Then the roles were divided, the Jesuits were guided by conceptual, spiritual and religious issues, and the Masonic organizations took over the management of politics and economy, as well as the conduct of wars. The Occult area was reduced to Rosicrucians, that is, what was left of them.

That alliance was supposed to strengthen the “Ahrimanic demonology” and the materialism spreading across the world through “Americanism”, against human dignity that developed in the East of Europe, in the Slavic peoples. That is why the Jesuits together with the Masons decided to build America and Washington according to all occult Luciferian symbols and standards.

To understand this better, one needs to look at Steiner’s book “Ahrimanic Deception”.

What Steiner did not understand is that the “impulse of Christ” in the evolution of soul consciousness in this world must pass through the process of materialization. This process is not only negative but also positive, it brings all material culture and creativity without which our life would be impossible, or very primitive, as well as the very presence of consciousness.

The very presence of the soul in the matter as a magnet attracts its transubstantiation and improvement, which we see as the development of the technology and the material culture in general.

The physical universe is the basis on which the potentials of all higher dimensions are realized. That is why we need souls here that include all the dimensions of existence in order to attain all their potentials and aspects by their presence, to make them conscious by the realization and thereby Divine.

In this way God, according to the Gnostics, through his emanations, human souls, completes his work of creation.

The process of creation is completed and perfected through man, or rather, the soul of man. But the souls themselves have no material interests in this process of descent into matter and incarnation, which is a negative process for them, they need the help of soulless beings, Ahriman or Archon, which by their nature are oriented towards the material things, just as the souls are directed towards the spiritual and the Divine, so the opposite. This, for the souls, negative process of materialization is done by the negative forces embodied in Judeo-Christianity and Masonry. Therefore, if the soulful people of the Slavic nations, were to be left as they are, science and technology would not be developed, everything would resemble Russia from the nineteenth century, when it was overwhelmed by the unilateral fanaticism of folk religiousness, ancient believers, innumerable sects that hated everything that is material, and they had nothing to live on.

But what is happening to the Slavs, especially the Russians, is a disorientation of the soul in the material world, and not primitivism. Disorientation is typical for the soulful people who always work spontaneously and advocate indifferently for the truth and want to help. Many good people have died in this world from their naive goodness (therefore people say: too good is (not) good). The extent and the dimensions in which we live and its laws must be understood and one must, therefore, be careful. That is why this great bringer of the light said: “Behold, I send you like sheep among the wolves, so be as wise as snakes and as innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10: 16) It is a guide to the souls for their behavior on Earth. The snake is the symbol of matter here, and the dove represents the soul. Jesus taught how to unite both wisdom. Therefore, the development of culture in the minds of people is limited only to the cessation of spontaneous behavior and the beginning of the tactical, with the understanding of the laws governing the Earth. That is why it was never necessary for soulful people to introduce the basic principles of culture and creativity; they themselves have always had it more than others, because it came out of their soul consciousness (a culture that is not inspired by the soul in general, is not a culture, but a kind of dictatorship).

Hence, the relationship of one and the other, of both people and non-people, is complementary, although it seems negative and contradictory.

If we were to accept that it was only a conflict of good and evil, then we would deny the omnipotence of the Divine that allows everything.

If the Divine is One Unity from which everything arises and belongs to, and if it has some intentions with the consciousness of the souls in this world, then it must be assumed that it also has intentions with all the other beings belonging to the same Unity.

The dualism present here has its source in the One.

That is the real war taking place in this world: a war for the soul. Everything else is collateral damage.

Everything that happens in this world is the awakening of the soul.

And our soul is comprehensive, much like the Divine unity, where the soul arises from, as an individual emanation.

That is why this awakening game in this world is so big and fierce – due to the magnitude of our soul.

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