Meditation: First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice

Meditation: First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice

Meditation is a method with which man becomes completely realized and present in existence, in all dimensions, and even in this physical reality, truly unconditioned and authentically himself.

In this book, you will find everything you need for the practice of meditation the way the oldest and greatest authorities, Buddha and Patanjali presented the matter leaving a legacy for humankind that left an indelible trace. An additional point would refer to the sense of purpose: why the man needs meditation in the first place, why it is so appealing to the spiritually mature people, and what its relationship with the soul is.

Unlike other practices of meditation, that deal with the mind only (mantra), or with the body only (yoga), or with emotions only (bhakti), which often lead to discrepancies that have to be adjusted through various rituals and beliefs, the practice of meditation presented here, encompasses all of these dimensions of man in a harmonious unit. You will discover that a human being is composed of all the dimensions of nature, a human being is a microcosm, and therefore, meditation is complete only when man becomes aware of all the dimensions, and not only those of the body and mind. Such meditation is inherently complete and does not require any supportive means in the form of ideological and religious preconceptions.

The purpose of meditation in this book relates to the meaning of man's existence and the consciousness of his soul, and to what we were before the birth in this body and what we will be after this life, down to disclosing the fact as to what we are in absolute terms. Meditation is the connection with the consciousness of the soul, and it is the divine consciousness within us, while beyond it is the consciousness that enables everything, the entire nature.

In order to understand this connection of the mind and the divine consciousness of our soul, in this book, this spiritual sense of meditation is connected with the latest scientific discoveries of the essence of nature. You will learn how the consciousness of your soul is related to the quantum field and the physics of ether, which is the same physics that Nikola Tesla used in order to create the basics for all the modern technology. You will find out what the non Hertzian frequencies, owing to which the physics of ether works, are, in what way they are related to our thoughts and the creative effect thoughts have on matter, consequently, you will be intrigued to learn that the special powers (siddhi) are actually the effect of the non Hertzian frequencies of quantum mind awareness on the physical, Hertzian frequencies.

The philosophy of Advaita Vedanta on the subject of unity of everything is well-known; our essence (Atman) is actually the Absolute (Brahman) itself. Instead of mechanically repeating this like some kind of a magic formula, the very process of how this unity actually happens will become self-revealing on the pages of this book; in reality there is no such thing as a multitude of subatomic particles but only one single 'divine particle' that keeps vibrating at the present moment, much faster than light, in accordance with the principles of fractal geometry and the golden section; therefore here, to us, it seems that there are plenty of particles, things and phenomena. These vibrations create energy, whereas, existence is essentially pure energy. Bearing in mind that that one particle is a reflection of the divine consciousness, everything is essentially pure consciousness.

You will see all the evidence pointing to the fact that consciousness is not in the body, our body only uses the divine consciousness which is the essence of the nature itself. Our brain does not produce consciousness, it merely slows down the velocity of the current divine consciousness that enables everything to a slow enough phenomenon so that our reality, which is essentially divine consciousness, takes on the appearance of matter divided in space and time.

You will find out that with the help of meditation you will be able to become aware of the higher dimensions through out-of-body experiences in your dreams, and the way these experiences relate to empathy, bringing emotional maturity that bonds us with unity and the divine consciousness here in reality.

In short, this book makes the connection of the earliest spiritual knowledge with that of the latest scientific evidence; the accompanying manual on how to apply this wisdom on yourself and your everyday life, will enable the understanding of your sense of purpose through the realization of your sense of existence.

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About the Book

Meditation is a method with which the man becomes completely realized and present in existence, in all dimensions, and even in this physical reality, truly unconditioned and authentically himself. Only with meditation the man starts to truly exists – frees himself from the illusion that he started to exist with physical birth, the illusion of physical body. In that way, he brings the consciousness of his soul, which he had before his birth, to the full existence during the time of his physical life. That is the aim of meditation. In this book, we will see all the details of that accomplishment.

Meditation or contemplation is a method which awakens a man in the realization of the reality in accelerated way, or more precisely, a method with which is removed the illusion of the time during which we imagine that we are something else, and not what we are in reality, that we are separated from the highest reality. With the meditation, the man is harmonizing with reality. Harmonizing with reality is the teaching and a practice of meditation.

Meditation is joining with the consciousness of the soul which we had before being born into the body, and which we will have after the death of the body. That is why it is so attractive to people with mature souls too, with even the slightest hint about what meditations brings, even though it is still unclear, to give enormous energy and inspiration for enhancement, for further practice. Meditation is a systematic awareness which is otherwise never happening in the nature and in the existence spontaneously or by itself.

Only in the consciousness of Absolute is happening the similar awareness of itself as it is happening in the man who is in the deep meditation, in samadhi. The man in meditation, therefore, repeats the essential awareness of Absolute according to which exists everything that exists, he is returning to original divine consciousness, since he could never be outside of it, because it is everything that is, that returning is experienced only as a revival and awakening.

The practice of meditation, which will be presented here, is based on the texts from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, (YS), Buddha’s Great Speech on the Foundations of mindfulness (Mahasatipatthâna sutta) and Brief Speech on Emptiness (Culasunnata sutta, M. 121); instructions for sitting in the zen meditation by Jasutani-roshi (Haku’un Yasutani, 1885-1973) and my personal experience in meditation during 37 years.

Table of Contents

~~~ First Part ~~~

  • The correct understanding of meditation
  • Meditation and reality
  • The nature of reality
  • The nature of energy
  • The nature of consciousness
  • Consciousness and energy reflect the nature of the absolute
  • The dimensions of existence
  • The man is a microcosm
  • We experience our timelessness through time
  • The effect of meditation and the structure of human being – The relationship of mind and consciousness of the soul
  • Why does the mind keep deceiving us when at the same time it awakens us
  • Meditation and karmic maturity
  • The benefits of meditation in everyday life
  • The physics of consciousness in meditation
  • Mistakes in meditation
  • The need for a teacher in meditation
  • Meditation and death – similarities and differences

~~~ Second Part ~~~

  • The practice of meditation
  • General and specific prerequisites for meditation
  • Four dimensions of the practice of attention – vipassana and satipatthâna
  • Vipassana meditation during sleep
  • Calmness of the body – how to sit
  • Calmness of the mind in meditation or contemplation (dhyânam)
  • Siddhi – powers – fruits or consequences of meditation
  • Five degrees of actualization of the divine consciousness in existence
  • Summary of the practice of meditation
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