Awakening: The Unity of the Outer and Inner Worlds

Awakening: The Unity of the Outer and Inner Worlds

Begin the journey to awaken and realize your true self.

The inquiry into the origins of conflict and misunderstanding among individuals and between them and nature reveals a central truth: insufficient awareness.

Despite this, it is evident that those embroiled in such discord are not devoid of consciousness, as they are conscious of their strife. For awareness to overcome suffering and conflict, it must be wholly objective, grasping the connection between our genuine nature, or essence, and the objective reality of existence.

The awareness of individuals who experience conflict and misunderstanding is such that it bifurcates their essence from the wider fabric of existence. They view themselves as distinct from nature and the totality of existence, which itself serves to fuel discord.

In truth, the essence of humanity and the essence of existence are synonymous, both united by awakening. This awakening surpasses individual awareness, exposing the unity of individual consciousness and objective existence.

Individual beings are nothing but cognizant subjects of objective existence, reflecting the same divine consciousness that pervades all of existence. The disparities between individuals stem from their unique abilities to act and perceive, engendering differences in levels of consciousness.

Universal consciousness manifests itself in diverse ways, which explains why such disparities signify the richness of expressions of universal consciousness, rather than restrictions or missteps. Only those lacking awareness perceive differences as limitations, while the cognizant perceive them as the universe's rich expressions.

By comprehending this truth, interpersonal conflicts would be minimized. Awakening encompasses both our essence, or soul, and the essence of existence, revealing their oneness.

Once awakened, we perceive all of nature as our body, our being. Until such awakening, we remain unconscious and unaware, perceiving our being and nature as distinct entities, with nature deemed unconscious, and only ourselves deemed conscious beings.

Our existence in the ocean of consciousness is akin to a fish in water, ignorant of the water until it leaps out and observes it beyond itself. Similarly, we only acknowledge external objects and not the nature of consciousness that underpins them, owing to our essence and the essence of all objects being one and the same.

The unification of the external and internal can only be an idea or inspiration that briefly illuminates our understanding, followed by a return to the nightmarish realm of everyday life.

This book offers detailed instructions and exercises to connect our comprehension of our essence or soul with existence itself, culminating in an understanding that links the physics, psychology, and transcendental experiences of the deepest meditative state, samadhi.

The perceived difficulty in grasping this holistic comprehension stems solely from the illusion of separation between oneself and the everyday reality. In actuality, we have always been an inseparable part of this unified whole, and detachment from it is impossible.

Not understanding the unity of your essence with existence is a dream.
Understanding your oneness with absolute consciousness is awakening.

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About the Book

The quintessential motive of human aspirations towards knowledge, culture, and science is rooted in the concept of awakening. Despite the foregrounded pursuit of knowledge and scientific discoveries as an independent goal, the notion of awakening is often relegated to a spiritual context, primarily observed in Buddhism. However, it is pivotal to recognize that awakening is the fundamental impulse of human life and the progress of humanity. It is needed today more than ever.

This book elucidates the multifaceted dimensions of the awakening process, encompassing psychological, spiritual, cultural, and the deepest laws of physics. The crux of awakening entails comprehending the veritable nature of consciousness and existence, unifying them seamlessly. The dual aspects of awakening involve understanding the consciousness within oneself and the world around. From a psychological perspective, awakening pertains to discovering one’s true nature, essence, or source of self-awareness. From a physical perspective, it involves discovering the deepest basis of existence from which all natural laws emanate: pure space, akasha, ether, or the universal quantum field.

Just as space encompasses all entities – starting from subatomic particles to atoms, molecules, and physical objects – consciousness is equipped to fathom all objects. Consciousness is an analogue to space, encompassing all entities and becoming cognizant of every content. This book proffers concrete evidence that space itself is consciousness, space is conscious, and the entirety of existence is conscious, denoting that this consciousness is our essence or soul.

That is why the logic of awakening is very simple: people are not awake and conscious only as long as they believe that the entire existence of nature is unconscious.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Testimonies About the Unity of the Outer and Inner Worlds
Chapter 2 – What is Really Inner? What Then is the Outer Universe?
Chapter 3 – Beginning of Unity Recognition Inner and Outer
Chapter 4 – Perfect Rest and Perfect Action Together Bring Awakening
Chapter 5 – Dream and Reality Are One and The Same Neither is an Illusion
Chapter 6 – The Exact Definition of Awakening and Unconsciousness
Chapter 7 – The Basis of Consciousness
Chapter 8 – Space is Currently Creating Everything that Exists
Chapter 9 – The Physics of the Inner and Outer World
Chapter 10 – The Connection of the Outer and the Inner Through the Human
Chapter 11 – Nature Awakens Us
Chapter 12 – Love Awakens Us
Chapter 13 – Awakening is Necessary Even if Everything is Divine Consciousness
Chapter 14 – Developing a Culture of Recognition of the Outer World as Human Essence
Chapter 15 – Why the Outside World has a Conditioning Effect on Us
Chapter 16 – How the Division Began
Chapter 17 – Everywhere There is a Combination of Outer and Inner
Chapter 18 – Religion is a Reflection of Unity Inner and Outer
Chapter 19 – Astrology is the Science of Unity the Inner and Outer World
Chapter 20 – Birth and Dying is a Twist of the Inner and Outer
Chapter 21 – Between the Outer and the Inner is Where the Dimensions of Nature are Located
Chapter 22 – Nature is Already Awake, Only People are Sleeping
Chapter 23 – How To Recognize an Awakened Human
Chapter 24 – How the Awakened Person Sees the World
Chapter 25 – How Do We Become Awake When The Passions are so Strong
Chapter 26 – Awakening is Beyond Time and Space
Chapter 27 – Awakening Happens in Time and Space
Chapter 28 – Kindness Harmonizes the Outer and Inner Worlds
Chapter 29 – Meditation is a Direct Combination of Inner and Outer
Chapter 30 – The Development of Science and Culture is an Indirect Connection of Inner and Outer
Chapter 31 – We Rule the Outer World Only as Much We Rule Ourselves
Chapter 32 – Here’s the Good News: We Can Never Be at a Loss
Chapter 33 – Dream or Reality – Human or Butterfly
Chapter 34 – In Out-Of-Body Experiences, We Do Not Leave Ourselves
Chapter 35 – Practical Exercises for Sanctifying the Exterior as One’s Own Being
Chapter 36 – Understanding the Meaning of Merging the Outer and Inner World
Chapter 37 – Some more Technical Details about Awakening
Chapter 38 – Sudden and Gradual Awakening
Chapter 39 – Individual and Collective Awakening
Chapter 40 – Does Everyone Need to Wake Up

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Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 4
Genres: Consciousness, Mindfulness, Spirituality
Tags: Consciousness, Mindfulness, personal growth, Spirituality
Publisher: Samkhya Publishing Ltd
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Paperback, Hardcover & Kindle
Length: 188 pages
ISBN: 9798392681051

List Price: $13.00
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About the Author
Ivan Antic

Ivan Antic is the author of a dozen books on Samkhya, soul and consciousness, meditation, true history, astrology, and the law of attraction. He has developed a unique approach by combining ancient teachings and modern science. His works explore the relationship between the human soul and physical reality, emphasizing the importance of science and ethics in manifesting divine consciousness. He has been a practitioner of the "Fourth Way" and Shikantaza Zen meditation for over 40 years.

"Ivan Antic is holding a rare position in humanity's maturation of consciousness. In simple to understand language he delivers an inspired view of who we can become, our better selves, our truer nature. He presents a do-it-yourself enlightenment kit free of religious trappings that reminds us that human life is a gift with an agenda, so we come away from his books feeling necessary, blessed, fortunate, hopeful, and motivated."
– Valerie Deva, a reviewer from Amazon site
"The book emphasizes that awakening is the realization of essential human nature, and it occurs when we discover the unity of consciousness as subject and object. It delivers an inspired view of who we can become, and that we can be part of creating a world of peace and kindness...The instructions and exercises are clear to understanding the links between the physics, psychology, and transcendental experiences of the deepest meditative state..."
– Matilda, a reviewer from Amazon site
"Super easy language and so easy to understand the concepts. Generally, that's the toughest part with these types of books."
– Karina G. Sanchez, a reviewer from Amazon site
"This book is about spiritual awakening and the realization of our true essence, emphasizing the unity between our consciousness and our experience. It offers inspiration to create a better world and explains the connection between physics, psychology, and deep meditation in a clear way."
– A reviewer from Amazon site
"Whether you're well-versed in philosophy and spirituality or just beginning to dip your toes into these subjects, this book offers valuable insights and practical guidance for those seeking to understand the nature of consciousness and its place in the world."
– Lee Leho, a reviewer from Amazon site
"If you are interested in learning more about consciousness and our relationship with the universe, this book is good for you. The book encourages meditation and other holistic energy practices which I enjoyed. "
– M.G., reviewer from Amazon site
"Simple explanation to understanding consciousness within oneself and the world around. The entirety of existence, space, all entities are one conscience - science, culture, spiritual development are all motivated to awaken that conscience."
– M B, a reviewer from Amazon site
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