Everything is Perfect: Why Do We Not See It

Everything is Perfect: Why Do We Not See It

If the fundamental cosmic constants were any different, there would not be any conscious life, at all.

The entire cosmos exists exactly the way it is so that conscious living beings, us, could exist.

If we became fully aware of the fundamental constants the whole universe rests on, we would realize that cosmos could not exist if it were not exactly the way it is right now, in everything, in every, even the tiniest detail.

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About the Book

If you were not reading these lines, and if you were not where you are now, in such an environment and life situation that you are, if every thing you see were not there where it is – this entire cosmos could not exist. Such is the nature of the perfection of existence. Existence cannot be any different than it already is at any given moment.

The reason we do not see the perfection of reality is due to the fact that we do not see the entire reality, we do not see that existence extends across multiple dimensions. We do not see all the dimensions of nature, but only its roughest, physical appearance, we are able to perceive with our senses.

All the dimensions are in us, we are made up of all the dimensions of nature. Only to the point we become conscious of the reality of our own being, can the reality of the overall existence become clear to us, with all its dimensions. Only then can we have the right perspective for the true awareness of the answers to all the big questions of existence: of the life and death, good and evil, justice and injustice, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure…

When we are whole we are harmonized with the wholeness and we see that everything is positive which always inspires us to do the right thing. When we do and view something as negative, it means we are not whole and we fail to see the wholeness. We can always be whole and perfect.

The outside world is not an obstacle toward this aim. It is already perfect and it is waiting for you to recognize it as such. The problem is only in our mind and the existing mindset. That is the only thing that is being perfected as we speak. Our mind is best perfected by perceiving the perfection of existence here and now, all round us.


Table of Contents

~~~ First Part ~~~

  • Why We Do Not See Reality as Perfect
  • The Nature of Reality
  • The Dimensions of Nature
  • Why the Unmanifested Become Manifested
  • How Does the Unmanifested Become Manifested
  • Consciousness, Existence and the Man in Between
  • The Nature of Man
  • The Nature of Human Soul is a Testimony on All the Possibilities of the Divine Consciousness
  • Scientific Evidence of Existence of Perfection
  • The Perfect Summary of the First Part

~~~ Second Part ~~~

  • The Perfection of Dying and Being Born
  • Sin: The Perfect Reason for the Birth and Death
  • How Far Are We From Perfection Or: Why Are People so Abnormal
  • The Perfection of Suffering
  • Our Body is Perfect Our Actions Spoil It
  • Causality and Free Will Are Connected Perfectly
  • The Perfection Manifests Itself Through the Dialectics of Oppositions
  • The Dialectics of Life and Death
  • The Dialectics of Success and Failure
  • Karmic Maturity and the Circling of Divine Consciousness
  • How To Overcome Oppositions
  • The Perfection of Spiritual Practice
  • Shiva’s Advice for Recognizing Perfection
  • How Can We Be Perfect
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Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 10
Genre: Spirituality
Tags: Consciousness, Mindfulness, Spirituality
Publisher: Samkhya Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback (6 x 9 inches) & Kindle
Length: 190 pages
ISBN: 9781688799080
List Price: $12.00 USD
eBook Price: $5.00 USD
About the Author
Ivan Antic

Ivan Antic is the author of a dozen books on Samkhya, soul and consciousness, meditation, true history, astrology, and the law of attraction. He has developed a unique approach by combining ancient teachings and modern science. His works explore the relationship between the human soul and physical reality, emphasizing the importance of science and ethics in manifesting divine consciousness. He has been a practitioner of the "Fourth Way" and Shikantaza Zen meditation for over 40 years.

"The author of this book did not give me the answer to the mystery of life and death, but he truly helped me not to ask such questions as naively as before. He made the perfection of life so clear that the question of death just disappeared. And what we considered death is life as well. Everyone has thought about it, but after reading this book, they will no longer doubt it. Evidence was given from the experience of life itself, even science."
– Kenny Mansfield, reviewer from Amazon.com site
"Of all the chapters in the book that are full of original ideas and information, the one I like the most is the last chapter talking about how to make ourselves perfect. I don't think that what author Antic has outlined here on this issue has ever been done by anyone in such a simple and logical way. The perfect ending to this perfect book on the perfection of existence."
– Noora Sultan, reviewer from Amazon.com site
"If you are troubled by the paradoxes of life, the mystery of death, reincarnation, good and evil, justice and injustice ... here the background of these issues is clearly revealed. Far more than you would have expected. There are not many known answers to universal questions of life here, and already known things are not recounted. A new surprise awaits you in each chapter."
– J. P., reviewer from Amazon.com site
"As always Ivan Antic expresses challenging spiritual concepts in understandable ways. There is tremendous insight in this work and it is well worth adding to your library if you ready to go deeper into life's ultimate purpose."
– Jon D. W., reviewer from Amazon.com site
"What I like most about this book is that the author does not provide answers, but merely illuminates the questions so clearly that the answers are self-explanatory; therefore you can always relate them to your experience."
– Rose H., reviewer from Amazon.com site
"Here I found some of the answers I've been looking for a long time. Some basic and universal questions in our lives are here so well connected to the experience that the answers are self-imposed. The author simply illuminates them so well that the reader can recognize them himself."
– H. E., reviewer from Amazon.com site
"Each chapter is filled with such unique ideas and insights that each one could make a new book."
– Nancy B., reviewer from Amazon.com site
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