Love is the Source of Existence Itself

Love is the Source of Existence Itself

The purpose of human existence is to see love in everything and recognize the divine consciousness in everything. Love is our true connection to the divine – not religions, mental beliefs, or convictions. By loving, we are merely practicing participation in the unconditional divine consciousness that enables everything.

In the modern world, we observe a trend of diminishing love and morality. The laws of might, material prosperity, and the fulfillment of selfish desires take precedence. We live in what is called a consumer society. For modern humans, the main sources of happiness are food, sex, entertainment, housing, land, status, and superiority. We are content only when we have these. We pray for health and wealth. A true spiritual seeker, however, turns inward and prays to become happy by feeling unity with the divine consciousness, sensing that sacrifices and restraint are necessary for achieving a higher purpose.

In order for our soul consciousness to evolve, we must lose everything we prioritize over love for the divine. If money is our priority, we must lose it. If it’s family, we must lose it. If it’s well-being, status, or power, we must also lose these. It’s only a matter of time. To survive as a civilization in the coming period, modern humans must restore the original order in this world.

For example, a butterfly flies using a specific body shape determined by its function and the wings needed for such a body’s flight. Thus, a butterfly’s shape, wings, and colors are determined by its function. What determines that function? Purpose determines how a being functions. If that purpose is lost, the being’s function weakens. If the function weakens, the form begins to disintegrate.

Humans are born from the love of the divine whole. Subconsciously, we understand that we receive our primary life energy through love from the divine whole. Love for the divine entirety should be our primary goal. This love gives birth to our function in life as human beings. This function maintains our body and physical health. What happens when a person consciously loses faith in the Divine and renounces love? They fall ill and eventually die.

Today’s civilization is increasingly distancing itself from love for the divine whole. Spirituality, economics, politics, and culture all suffer and become what we call a crisis. When the function of the foundation begins to collapse, the body (our form) starts to disintegrate. Fundamentally, this is where we are headed unless more individuals turn to working on themselves, developing their self-awareness, consciousness, and understanding that love is the source of existence itself.


Meditation book coverAll the alertness and consciousness a person has in this world, all the happiness, bliss, and love, are received from the Divine Consciousness through their soul.

Ivan Antic’s book “Meditation: First and Last Step – From Understanding to Practice” can help you reach the truth that is not part of the mind, which is witnessing, observing. Thoughts pass, desires move, memories come and go like clouds in the sky, and you sit silently, merely observing, doing nothing. With practice and patience, by simply observing – awareness awakens, eternity is born, and divine love is revealed in everything. Here, a complete theory and practice of meditation are provided.


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