The time of each realization is maximally accelerated when we are fully and totally committed in thoughts, words and deeds.


The process of attraction ranges from the highest dimensions or the finest field, to the lowest and the toughest, from the world of ideas to matter (for more information on the implementation of the process of attraction through dimension, see “The Process of Realization“).

In these higher dimensions is our soul with which we have planned the main directions of our current life and the experiences in it.

Between the consciousness of our soul and the body with the mind / ego is the Higher Mind or the Higher I. Our Higher I is in a better position and therefore has a higher and better perspective and gives guidance to the mind / ego in the body, on how it should act.

The most common reason for the lack of fulfillment of the desire of a lower, limited physical mind or ego is that we, by means of our Higher mind and the consciousness of the soul, prevent this accomplishment, because with our higher mind, we see that it would lead us to bad consequences or the consequences that are not in the concordance with the program of experiences we have chosen in this life.

Now, the program of our soul is not immutable, it changes if we accept it and realize it. Then we go further into new experiences. Until we achieve it, we remain at the same level with the same problems.

This doesn’t mean that we should die and be reborn with a new program. The soul doesn’t have to waste time on it.

It can fulfill more programs in one life, but it depends on whether it is stuck in the accomplishment of one or not. If one has been accomplished, then it goes on.


How can we recognize the program of our soul, so that we can achieve it and continue on, to choose another program, perhaps richer than the previous one?

The program of our soul is our highest living desire, the talent, which fills us with bliss as we work on it.

Each time we work the plan of our soul, we are spontaneously, automatically and masterly applying the law of attraction at that very moment. We do not need any advice on this.

We most often seek advice on applying the law of attraction when we want something that is not a part of the plan of our soul. While we are achieving the plan of our soul we are then accelerating the time of each achievement.

The things are being repeated, and the moment of the achievement of our goals is being postponed only when we are refusing to work in the interests of our soul.

When we align the state ie. the vibrations of our mind with the vibrations of our soul, then the intentions of the mind are aligned with the intention of the soul, and are therefore realized extremely fast. Often just as long as it takes to overcome the physical laws of that realization.

Ways to Speed Up the Law of Attraction

Any delay in achievement is merely a mismatch of the vibrations, that is, the state of our mind with the state of our soul. Because our soul is a timeless present in which everything already exists as a hidden potential.

Also, the consciousness of our soul, which is the only accomplice of everything in the process of attraction, acts through all dimensions, from the highest and the finest (the world of ideas) to the gross reality of the physical world.

Our human being is made of all the dimensions of nature. There is a world of ideas and thoughts (air), energy for directing thoughts and ideas (fire), imagination (water) and physical work (earth).

Every delay in the time of the realization is a standstill in the action on a certain dimension, that is, we are not effective in all dimensions equally.

That is why there is a mismatch and a standstill.

We may be active in imagination, but not in physical work. We must be equally committed to what we are trying to attract in all plans of existence. We can’t imagine one thing, to then be working and spending energy on something else.

The time of each realization is maximally accelerated when we are fully and totally committed in thoughts, words and deeds.


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