Soul, Mind and brain difference

What Is The Difference Between The Soul, The Mind And The Brain?

Is the mind just the brain and processes happening inside? Or is it something more than that? How can we differentiate between consciousness and the brain?


Ego, Soul, and the Higher Mind: Navigating the Complexities of Human Consciousness

Soul does not incarnate into the body of a man in its entirety, rather only a smaller part of it does so. Its power is too grand for any body to be able to sustain it. It is not necessary, either. In the body there is only the potential of the soul consciousness that is sufficient for the life of that body and the gathering of all the impressions, of all the experiences of existence. Collecting impressions of all the potentials of existence increases the presence of the soul within the body.

This little seemingly isolated and alienated consciousness in the body is the ego of man, his little “I”, or the  physical mind, the bigger part of which is located in his brain. It is the everyday consciousness of the mind which the ordinary man uses for functioning in reality, in this world.

That little consciousness or “I” in the body cannot do much by itself, it has to be helped by a higher consciousness, some kind of connection to the soul. The connection between the physical mind and the consciousness of the soul is the higher “I” or the higher mind. It is not incarnated in a human body but has a permanent connection with him.

The higher mind remains on a higher dimension and acts as a mediator between the physical mind and the transcendental consciousness of the soul.

Owing to that connection, the mind can have the objective awareness of itself and of every event. If it did not have it, it would have the same physical awareness that animals have. It would always be subjective.

The body has its own intelligence, very simple and conditioned, but sufficient for survival. The relationship with the higher mind and the spirit of the soul gives our body everything that makes us what we are as people and beings with mental capacity.

This connection, however, may be so weak in some people that they do not differ much from animals, so they behave in a very senseless way and completely wrongly. The weaker and smaller the connection of the mind with the consciousness of the soul is, the weaker the possibility of man to see the whole and the divine presence in the overall life is. He therefore feels so much more alienated in the negative world, and is much more negative himself so as a result he is in conflict with every kind of reality. He has no objective awareness.

The stronger and the bigger the connection of the physical mind with the higher mind and the spirit of the soul is, the stronger the objective consciousness of the man is making him more conscious of his unity with the divine Absolute, because to him the mere existence is the expression of the divine consciousness, and he is always positive and good, because he recognizes this divine consciousness as his consciousness and as life itself in all beings.

There are in fact no divisions in consciousness. There is only one consciousness in everything, from the divine Absolute to the tiniest leaf of grass and all the way to particles, as well as in ourselves.

The higher mind has a higher and broader perspective, it sees each process in a wider context, from a higher dimension, and therefore can give information to the lower, the physical mind or the Ego, which has a very limited perspective; it sees only what can be perceived through the senses.

This information from the higher mind to the physical mind comes as an inspiration or intuition, a sudden insight, in a state of alertness, but also through the dreams, when the physical mind is suppressed and the higher mind can influence a man easier.

This is, therefore, the basic structure of the divine consciousness of the Absolute in a human being:

  1. The consciousness of the soul (which is transcendental and only partially embodied)
  2. The higher mind (or the higher I which stands between the physical body and the divine consciousness of the soul as their connection)
  3. The consciousness of the physical mind (or Ego, located in the brain of the physical body)

All the religious and mystical experiences of man are a reflection of the connection of the physical or empirical mind with the spirit of the soul through the higher mind.

All growth in consciousness and knowledge is the growth of the presence of consciousness within the body. Although it cannot be embodied in its entirety, it can increase its presence in the body so much so  that the body turns into light.

Still, the greater presence of the soul in man is more often seen as goodness, love, wisdom and enlightenment.

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