Science of Consciousness

The Science of the Future is the Science of Consciousness

The world around us often hides complex secrets, including the truth about our consciousness. The truth is often hidden beneath the surface, but it is worth the effort to dig deeper to uncover it.

As with the soul, there is a conspiracy regarding the true nature of consciousness. There exists a tendency to hide the truth about consciousness, spurred by the inclination for a few rulers to dominate the vast majority of people. Throughout history, they have achieved this by keeping the majority of people in delusion.

Perhaps this is because we often take consciousness for granted, not giving it the deep thought it deserves. But the truth is that consciousness is a more complex and profound phenomenon than we often acknowledge. It is not merely a product of our physical bodies but something deeper and more subtle.

Unfortunately, history is full of examples of ruling elites using religion and science to control people’s minds. Institutional religions have often been used to hide the truth about consciousness. At the same time, modern science has usually been limited to materialistic ideas that do not consider the deeper dimensions of our existence.

However, there are different perspectives. Esoteric sciences, which have existed for thousands of years, teach us the truth about consciousness and the soul. They remind us that souls are the source of our consciousness, emanating from a higher intelligence that is the basis of our existence.

The universal quantum field, as we call it, represents the source of consciousness and energy, where all potentials of our existence form and from where they manifest. The brain is merely an organ that individually conducts this universal consciousness; it is not the source of consciousness but an organ that individualizes the consciousness of this universal field.

Our experience of consciousness and existence is complex and multidimensional. The mind gives the illusion that consciousness is a subtle, higher dimension of nature, something abstract, while actual existence is only what we perceive as physical reality. Essentially, however, they are the same, just on different levels of manifestation.

We learn the truth about ourselves and the world around us through all these layers. Perhaps it is time to ask more profound questions, explore new perspectives, and embrace the complexity of our consciousness and soul in everything that exists before we develop artificial intelligence. Intelligence without the consciousness of the soul can only produce hell. We all know this from our own experience. Now, we are on the threshold of transferring this knowledge to the whole world. Now, more than ever in history, it is essential to understand consciousness.


The Physics of Consciousness Book CoverThere is no multitude of consciousness; consciousness is the same in everything; it only divides and becomes individually used in all aspects of existence.

The core theme of the book “The Physics of Consciousness: In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls” by Ivan Antic is to provide as simple a description as possible of how the consciousness of the quantum field shapes reality every moment and in everything, the entire nature, to prove that consciousness is existence itself, and how this consciousness is not different from our deepest self-awareness, our soul.


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