Spiritual Growth is a Journey Within

Spiritual Growth is a Journey Within

The biological birth of a human body is not its true birth – it is merely biological reproduction. True birth comes only from one’s conscious intent. This “second birth,” awakening, or resurrection is a person’s true birth and authentic existence.

Growth is not just a physical phenomenon but also a spiritual process that shapes us from the inside out and the outside in. Indeed, we grow daily, but growth is not limited to a moment or an event. Growth is a journey, a continuous transformation, and an awakening.

The illusion is that we are born from our mother’s womb, in the body we possess. Our true birth begins only when we realize that the entirety of nature is our body. This is proven by all the biological facts by which we live. Our true existence begins when we realize that if all of nature is our being, then our essence or soul consciousness, with which we are aware of this, must transcend nature. Then, we become infinitely open to new experiences and knowledge. This is the beginning of our spiritual journey towards resurrection. As long as we think we are just the body, we are actually dead because we are merely repeating what is remembered, i.e., what is in the mind.

Our life is like a tree. Every day, we grow, extend our branches, bloom, and reach new heights. Every day, we have the opportunity to feel the joy of this growth, to come closer to our true purpose, and to touch the peaks of our potential.

However, growth can be painful if we do not accept all aspects of life. Summer and winter, highs and lows—these are all parts of the journey that shape us. We need to accept them with equal openness and readiness because only then can we learn, grow, and bloom. Our growth stops when we start to choose experiences. Then, we get stuck in the same cycle at the same level.

The key to spiritual growth lies in freedom. We must liberate ourselves from all forms of enslavement – be it fears, prejudices, or limiting beliefs. Only when free can we sing our heart’s song and dance our life’s dance with full zest and enthusiasm.

Therefore, be like the tree that blooms. Let our spiritual growth be our greatest joy and our highest achievement. Let it lead us on a path of discovery, self-awareness, and love for life.


Awakening Book CoverAwakened, we see that the entirety of nature is our body, our being. We are unconscious and unawakened as long as we perceive our being and nature as separate, as long as we see nature as unconscious and only ourselves as a conscious being.

In the book ““Awakening: The Unity of the Outer and Inner Worlds”” by Ivan Antic, all dimensions of the awakening process are described, from psychological, spiritual, and cultural to the deepest laws of physics. In this book, you will find useful instructions and exercises for practically connecting your essence or soul with existence itself. The book explores the connection between physics, psychology, and transcendental experiences, such as samadhi, offering a comprehensive understanding that we are always in this unity, that we cannot exist outside of it, only that our lower mind cannot grasp this while in an unconscious and unawakened state. Understanding such a concept, which is elaborated in this book in every way, by itself significantly accelerates awakening.


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