Astrology: Aid Towards Self-Discovery

Astrology: Aid Towards Self-Discovery and Spiritual Freedom

Astrology demonstrates how nature shapes the conscious subject and, through fateful trials, guides them to become a complete personality, embodying the meaning of nature’s existence. Astrology will be known and recognized in human society precisely to the extent that society recognizes and accepts a complete and free personality.

Astrology has been known since ancient times as the queen of all sciences. Its zodiac circle is like a vortex into which all experiences of existence pour. Astrology has never been properly used for predicting fate but for the self-discovery of those who have a fate – for their liberation from it.

One of the most widespread myths about astrology is the belief that such distant celestial bodies cannot influence what will happen in an individual’s life and that an individual has “free will,” at least mostly, if not entirely. This erroneous assumption about the distance of celestial bodies discussed in astrology only shows absolute ignorance about the astronomical sizes of our universe. When we compare our galaxy to a human body, the distance between us and Pluto is no greater than the distance between two neighboring brain cells.

Another common misconception of astrology critics is thinking they know what events constitute life. Such “knowledge” is typically claimed by an unconscious person who differentiates natural processes from what they do. Even the most educated among the unconscious (physicists) are prone to doing this. Although they know well how macrocosmic movements are subject to strong gravitational conditioning and microcosmic movements to strong nuclear and electromagnetic forces, they consider everything falling between these two extremes, i.e., our daily movements, despite all logic and contrary facts, as different and independent from the rest of nature. They regard it thus even though our daily world is positioned between such macro- and microcosmic forces as between a hammer and an anvil. And yet, here, between the micro- and the macro worlds, our world of human activities, they believe that somehow “free will” reigns – although no one boasts of using it properly.

The only true freedom a person has is to know themselves. Astrology shows all the ways we are conditioned and helps us recognize our true spiritual freedom – the awareness of our transcendent soul. In a world increasingly detached from the feeling of possessing a greater purpose, astrology offers a compass for belonging in the cosmic order. Accepting and integrating astrology back into societal consciousness has the potential to herald a new age of holistic and personal development.


Metaphysics of AstrologyAstrology shows us the ways we are conditioned and thus helps us in self-discovery to reveal our true spiritual freedom, the awareness of our transcendent soul.

The book “Metaphysics of Astrology: Why Astrology Works” by Ivan Antic opens the doors to the world of astrology, presenting it not just as an ancient practice but as a scientifically founded discipline that explains our connection to the holographic universe. Through the pages of this book, readers will learn how and why astrology works, offering practical insights into how cosmic forces affect our everyday lives.


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