Soul Sees Love in Everything

The Ego Argues, the Soul Sees Love in Everything

A human being is like a bridge connecting two worlds – animal instinct and the divine consciousness. Like an animal, one can be consumed by the survival instinct, devoid of spiritual culture and unaware of oneself, but at the same time, akin to the divine, fully aware of oneself and one’s unity with existence.

Just as a rainbow has seven colors, so do the dimensions of the divine consciousness in a person manifest through seven energy centers – seven chakras. Through a person’s being, the universe creates and becomes aware of itself in all its dimensions. The lowest chakra is Muladhara; the highest is Sahasrara; between them are five more steps of potential consciousness development and five more chakras. A human must traverse all seven chakras – seven steps, from unawareness to the divine consciousness.

The principles of chakras are seen in a person’s actions. The lower chakras (first, second, and third) are characteristics of natural existence that contain all the unawareness despite all its beauty. Everything ugly, bad, and unworthy of a person is characteristic of the manifestations of the lower chakras. Everything sublime and beautiful, the fruit of work, knowledge, and improvement, is a characteristic of the manifestation of the higher chakras (fifth, sixth, and seventh). Between them is the fourth chakra – Anahata, the chakra of love. It is the bridge. Love is the bridge between the animal and the divine. Below the heart, a person is animalistic, and above the heart, divine. Only in the heart is a person’s humanity found.

Misunderstandings among people exist because they are on different levels of consciousness. The higher the consciousness realized through the upper chakras, the greater the understanding of everything lower. The more consciousness is tied to the lower chakras, the more limited and divided it is. Each chakra represents a level of higher consciousness in relation to a state of lower consciousness, a victory over a lower state of being.

People at different levels of consciousness achieve goals by different means. Those at lower levels often use force and negative methods such as argument and manipulation, while those at higher levels act through a sense of unity, bliss, and intuition. A person in a higher state of consciousness, besides their own level, can understand a person at a lower state of consciousness. In contrast, a person in a lower state of consciousness cannot understand someone in a higher state of consciousness. Higher consciousness leads to greater understanding.

Regardless of your current level of consciousness, if you cannot do better, then do everything you normally do but consciously. Only with the help of self-awareness does a person rise to higher levels of consciousness. Nothing else needs to be done other than always be aware of what we are doing. It just takes goodwill. At the level of the soul, we never argue; we only love. Arguments usually arise from the lower mind (ego), tied to the body and lower levels of consciousness, planetary influences, and inorganic beings that feed on negative energy. People often argue just because they seek understanding and love. That is what we all seek in this world, some more wisely and some more impulsively, depending on our current level of consciousness.


Samadhi Book Cover
Samadhi Book Cover

The recognition of the unity of consciousness and existence fully occurs in a human and manifests as timeless and unconditional divine love, in humans and in everything that exists and in everything that happens.

In the book “Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence” by Ivan Antic, you can discover how consciousness is at the foundation of existence itself and that this consciousness is ours. This book details all levels and characteristics of the chakras and connects the states of human consciousness with the development of civilization. The final conclusion that the entire nature exists with the purpose of enlightening humanity makes this book unforgettable and essential.


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