Beyond the Influence of the Moon

Beyond the Influence of the Moon: Path to Inner Independence

The influences of the Moon subtly shape our daily choices and behavior. Since people often unconsciously react with their bodies, lunar forces easily impact us from the subconscious. The more we become aware of our actions and free ourselves from external influences, the less power the Moon has over us.

The Moon affects all organic life on Earth because it is the closest celestial body to us. It impacts human beings through emotions, linking to the body and physicality in general. The Moon also relates to everything that is unconscious and subconscious. It intensifies the irrational, and its phases are associated with all such manifestations, from the most severe crimes committed for irrational reasons to the greatest inspirations.

We free ourselves from the influence of the Moon whenever we resist the desires of the body and instincts, strengthening our will and independence, the objective consciousness that comes from the soul. We can recognize the influences of the Moon in everything that attracts us that is not realistic or justified. Just as moonlight is not actual but merely a reflection of sunlight, so are all its influences. We are under the influence of the Moon whenever we are childish in our behavior, when we give in to our weaknesses and desires, and when these all seem irresistible and justified, even when we repeatedly do things without reason.

The Moon also strongly influences sexuality, based on the desire to return to original unity. The sexual act and orgasm are attractive because of the momentary experience of bliss and unity, where the ego and sense of isolation disappear. In astropsychology, the Moon symbolizes the female and maternal figure for a man, as men unconsciously strive for maternal security from childhood. On the other hand, women seek in men the security and spiritual firmness they felt with their fathers. This longing for unity can be deeply experienced in the state of samadhi meditation, where one strives for a permanent experience of unity with the divine whole rather than in transient and explosive pleasure.

The greatest illusion the Moon gives us is that we will lose something if we overcome its attractive influences through bodily experiences. On the contrary, we gain incomparably more. With the consciousness of the soul, we see in the body itself the divine presence we strive for in all ways. While we are identified with the body, we cannot see the divine presence; then, we see only the body.


The MoonIt is said that the Moon takes energy from us and feeds on it, but this means we give power to unnecessary and transient things.

In the book “The Moon: Magnet for the Soul” by Ivan Antic, you can learn details about how the Moon conditions us in various ways and how to free ourselves from the negative influences of the Moon. In spiritual development, the Moon helps us by reflecting the consciousness of the Sun onto the darkness of our lives. Thus, it increases the scope of consciousness and contributes to our spiritual development, increasing emotional maturity with which we become aware of everything we do in this world.

All cosmological evidence is also presented that the Moon is an artificial creation. Connecting the Moon’s influence with the nature of the soul’s incarnation into the body, the author explains, based on personal experience and knowledge, why such a grandiose project – the Moon – was carried out for humans and who executed it.


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