Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence

Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence

Samadhi is the goal and the peak of meditation

According to classical and contemporary interpreters of yoga and meditation, samadhi denotes the unity of the subject and the object, the inner and the outer world, our Self and Absolute. In other words, enlightenment. Here, this unity is described simply as the unity of consciousness and existence.

In this book you will find much more details about this unity, it will be revealed in a completely new way, you will learn that unity of conscious and existence in man is gradually achieved on all levels of consciousness and being, on which man exists and from which he functions, in all the dimensions, all of  which are expressed in chakras, the psycho-energetic centers of man.

Each chakra represents a blend of consciousness and existence. This blend is also manifested through the human culture of life and civilization. Understanding the chakra system is connected to the historical development of man and events in this world, not only to personal states of consciousness. It is an old and universal story of understanding the meaning of existence.

In fact, the entire cosmos and life represent a spectrum of merging and expressing of consciousness and existence. Consciousness is expressed as existence and existence is fundamentally conscious. Moreover, consciousness is here explained in the light of an understanding of the consciousness of man's soul as well, which through intelligent design, and the quantum field creates the overall reality and existence. This can take place because the soul of man originates from the same divine consciousness that allows for  the whole existence to happen.

A complete connection and the realization of both consciousness and existence occurs only in man who attains Samadhi through meditation. The remainder of the events regarding the nature, all of the cosmos and all of our lives, represent backdrop where the drama of this merging can occur.

It is a paradox that Samadhi always shapes itself as mere existence. The only question is whether a person participates in it all the time, whether he/she is aware of it. This book will help you to see existence in such a way.

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About the Book

Existence and the awareness of the existence constitute everything-that-is, and nothing at all is possible outside of this.

In their base they are one, however, they get expressed as though they are separate, seemingly engaged in a relationship, in such a way that the relation between the consciousness and the existence both creates and enables a broad spectrum of the remainder, the entire nature, and all the cosmos.

The relationship between the two is such that the entire nature, and all the cosmos exist as an aspiration to bring into awareness the entire existence in all its aspects and possibilities. Everything-that-is gets manifested as everything-that-can-be, it is divine consciousness. Our mind is only a factor that, like prism, breaks the unique light of divine consciousness into the full spectrum of existence. Outside of our mind the existence and the consciousness are one – divine Absolute.

When a man is aware of not only the existence as such, and not only of the consciousness of the existence as such, but of himself as the key player that is the central figure in the relation between the consciousness and existence, then such a man is fully enlightened or realized in his transcendental essence.

A completely realized unity of the consciousness and the existence in man happens as samadhi.

We shall contribute here to this unity by describing it with all the details, as it happens both internally and externally of the man himself through the awareness of psycho-energetic centers or chakras. Consciousness and existence are connected in the human chakras. This joining allows all the dynamics and richness of the existence that a man experiences.


Table of Contents

  • The Nature of Existence
  • The Nature of Energy
  • It Is Not Matter That Fluctuates But Information, Everything Is Momentary And Nothing Is Substantial
  • There is Not a Multitude of Particles, Everything is Only One, Divine Particle
  • Parallel Realities
  • The Dimensions of Existence
  • Man is a Microcosm Comprised of All the Dimensions of Nature
  • The Nature of Consciousness
  • The Consciousness of the Soul and Its Incarnation Into The Body Through the Higher Mind
  • Unity of the Consciousness and the Existence, of Body and Soul
  • If Everything is a Reflection of the Divine Consciousness, Why is There Evil in the World?
  • The Law of Number Seven and the Seven Chakras
  • The Division of Chakras into Three Sections
  • The Hertzian and Non-Hertzian Frequencies of Chakras
  • Polarization of Opposites in Chakras
  • The Higher and the Lower Nature of Chakras
  • The Fundamental Nature and the Meaning of Every Chakra
  • The Principles of Chakra Functioning in the World and Historical Development
  • Examples of Chakra Functioning in the History Of Spirituality
  • Examples of Chakra Functioning in the Man’s Personal Development
  • The Energetic Chakra Activation
  • Physical Exercises for the Harmonious Chakra Activation
  • The Exercise of Imagination and Breathing for the Chakra Activation
  • The Principle of Energy Preservation for the Uplifting of Consciousness
  • Basic Principles of Uplifting the Consciousness Through Chakras
  • Samadhi – The Unity of Consciousness and Existence
"I have read thousands of books on Spirituality. In all of them I consider this book as the very best one. I recommend this book to a beginner as well as to an advanced spiritual aspirant."
– Justine, author of the book "Actual Freedom - Made Easy", reviewer from site
"The book, Samadhi, Unity of Consciousness and Existence written by Ivan Antic is compendium of information on Nature of Existence, Nature of Energy and Divine Particle (which created everything). The relationship between Consciousness and Existence, the understanding the two makes a huge difference for us all. The Seven Chakras and importance of each have been vividly described. The Biblical description about the Chakra too are most relevant and uniquely connected. The language and style of description are par excellence. This book highlights all the information which removes the illusions prevalent and removes ignorance about spiritualism. Everyone can get much out of this book. I found the book very interesting and contains everything that a student of spirituality would like to garner and remove most of his/her misgivings. A treasure of information on SPIRITUALISM indeed."
– Harbans Khajuria, author of the book „Inner Thoughts“ & blog:
"If you seek more understanding of the unity of consciousness and existence, if you want to know more about your life changes and it's connection with different realities, if you want a better understanding of the nature of our thoughts, actions and the whole life experience, this book should not be missed!"
– Olga, reviewer from site
"As we attempt to understand and explore the true nature of ourselves, the reality we live in and the possibility of parallel realities, are you willing to venture into? In his book, Ivan is able to reach those the depths, where our conscious awareness operates; in order for us to have a better understanding of it."
– Geminiwiward, reviewer from site
"Reading this will help you in so many different ways as it gives you ways to scope with things happening around you and in your life. It will gives you pointers of how to do it and become more relaxed with life no matter what."
– Tanyawriter, reviewer from site
Exceptionally clear, concise and insightful writings on the inseparable relationship between energy, consciousness, and existence.
– Mark Twain, reviewer from site
"A book I go back to again & again. Amazing take on "Reality". I loved learning more about the chakras, grounding ourselves, and the constant reminder that we are all one and what that means. Very profound and easily understood because it is expressed very plainly and simply. Step by step. If you want to gain insight into what it means to be human and here, add this to your spiritual library."
– Nancy Felix., reviewer from site
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