The Moon: Magnet for the Soul

The Moon: Magnet for the Soul

The more we know about the Moon, the more evidence we have that it is an artificial creation.

Who made such a grandiose creation and for what purpose?
If it is all for us, who are we and why are we so important to have this colossal project executed just for us?

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About the Book

The issue of the real nature of the Moon cannot be separated from the issue of us people and our essence, our origin and the true history of planet Earth, together with the alien influence.

There is, of course, the issue as to why the truth of its artificial creation is being hidden away from the public view, and it is always needlessly stressed and suggested that it is ”the Earth’s NATURAL satellite”.

All these issues have been grouped together here into one perfectly logical whole, together with all the arguments from the sphere of astrophysics, astropsychology, karmic psychology and esoteric spiritual development.

This unity is self-revealing, all the answers are given and they are, by no means, imposed. Those answers reveal your very essence. You will be able to recognize them to the point you are ready to know yourself, same as always when the fundamental existential issues are in focus. Your view on the Moon, this world and people will never be the same.

Getting to know the real nature of the Moon will prove to be difficult for you to remain the same.


Table of Contents

  • Unknown facts about the Moon;
  • The story of incarnation of human souls and why they happen;
  • The influence of the Moon on the soul;
  • The position of Moon in cosmic proportions;
  • Solar and lunar cults;
  • The influence of the Moon in astropsychology;
  • Lilith – The Black Moon – That, too, exists;
  • Moon and the polarization of man;
  • Liberation from the influence of Moon;
  • And finally, who framed us with the Moon.
"A rare treatise on Moon. It is shocking to note that moon is not a natural satellite of planet earth but an artificial object created by alien beings. The details of the black moon Lilith is very interesting. The photos of possible left overs of constructions by aliens on the moon surface are amazing. The reading was quite absorbing that I read the whole book in one sitting. Very concise and informative."
– Justine, reviewer from site
"Interesting that the Moon is the only object in the entire solar system that doesn't rotate on its axis. What are chances of that? I am 100% convinced that our Moon is an artificial construct. The evidence is right there, has been right in front of our faces all along, and has been waiting for us to make the seemingly obvious connections pointing to the irrefutable proof that the Moon was engineered by intelligent design and not simply by random chance or accident. I guess sooner or later we learn that everything we learned in high school is pretty much FALSE."
– FW, reviewer from site
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Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 5
Genres: Astronomy, Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness, Mindfulness, Moon
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback (6 x 9 inches)
Length: 70 pages
ISBN: 9781686383625
List Price: $11.00
eBook Price: $7.00
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