The Moon: Magnet for the Soul

The Moon: Magnet for the Soul

The more we know about the Moon, the more evidence we have that it is an artificial creation.

Who made such a grandiose creation, and for what purpose?

Who are we and why are we so important as to have this colossal project executed just for us?

The real nature of the Moon cannot be separated from the issue of us people and our essence, our origin, and the true history of planet Earth, together with the alien influence. Of course, there is the issue of why the truth of its artificial creation is being hidden from the public view, and why it is always needlessly stressed and suggested that the Moon is "the Earth's NATURAL satellite."

Here, all these issues and all the arguments from astrophysics, astropsychology, karmic psychology, and esoteric spiritual development have been grouped together into one perfectly logical whole.

This unity is self-revealing. All the answers are given, and they are by no means imposed. Those answers reveal your very essence. As always, when fundamental existential issues come into focus, you will recognize them at the level you are ready to know yourself. Your view of the Moon, this world, and people will never be the same.

Join this epic journey to the Moon and discover questions that have never been answered.

Getting to know the real nature of the Moon will make it difficult to remain the same.

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About the Book

Everything we know about the Moon proves that it is an artificial creation.

Who created this huge and wondrous project? Was it just because of us?

Who are we? Why are we worth such great effort?

How does the Moon help us to become fully self-realized beings and to develop our civilization?

This is the first book that intelligently and argumentatively explains why the Moon is an artificial creation and connects it to our lives in such an original way that one won’t find another like it. Other authors who deal with this subject merely state the Moon is not natural and then stop there. Others retain a paranoid fear of aliens. This book makes those writings seem trivial.

The depth of insight provided by the author, Ivan Antic, transcends all others. His logic and realism are convincingly attractive in this seemingly surreal story about the Moon.

He is positive, while others are negative. He is the only one who connects the Moon with our karmic development, emphasizing its positive role despite all its apparently troublesome influences.

Explanations are given in the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Unknown Facts About the Moon
Chapter 3 – The Story of the Incarnation of Human Souls and Why They Happen
Chapter 4 – The Influence of the Moon on the Soul
Chapter 5 – The Position of the Moon in Cosmic Proportions
Chapter 6 – Solar and Lunar Cults
Chapter 7 – The Influence of the Moon in Astropsychology
Chapter 8 – Lilith – the Black Moon That Also Exists
Chapter 9 – The Moon and the Polarization of Humansbr />
Chapter 10 – Liberation from the Influence of the Moon
Chapter 11 – And finally, who Framed us With the Moon?

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Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 8
Genres: Astronomy, Consciousness
Tags: Consciousness, Mindfulness, Moon
Publisher: Samkhya Publishing Ltd.
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, Hardcover & Kindle
Length: 78 pages
ISBN: 9781686383625

List Price: $11.50
eBook Price: $6.50
About the Author
Ivan Antic

Ivan Antic is the author of a dozen books on Samkhya, soul and consciousness, meditation, true history, astrology, and the law of attraction. He has developed a unique approach by combining ancient teachings and modern science. His works explore the relationship between the human soul and physical reality, emphasizing the importance of science and ethics in manifesting divine consciousness. He has been a practitioner of the "Fourth Way" and Shikantaza Zen meditation for over 40 years.

"Very informative information in a most informative format. The intro, data building and conclusive enjoyable presentation was well worth the time investment. The author shares a half century of knowledge, wisdom and information in a most infinite loving way."
– - William Tucker, a reviewer from Amazon site
"A significant book from a gifted teacher. Informative, educational, enlightening. A must read for all aspirants on the path towards conscious evolution."
– A reviewer from Amazon site
"I’ve read many books like this but the clarity, depth and insight in this one is quite brilliant. Thanks to the author for a great piece of work."
– Michael Doherty, a revier from site
"The work of Ivan Antic is life changing... If you wish to change your perception, here is a key to another door which you did not even know was hidden... just walk through."
– A revier from site
"Although I am well versed in the theory that the Moon is an artificial creation, this book has opened my eyes to a fountain of knowledge, even leaving me speechless — an unbelievable book backed up by logical arguments."
– - Nichole, a reviewer from Amazon site
"In a great yet simple way, this book shows us the truth about our connection to the world around us, including the Moon. Everything is part of our being, and nothing is separate. A fascinating theory that has changed the way I think."
– - Eetu, a reviewer from Amazon site
"This is the first book that presents this theory in an intelligent, informative, and argumentative way while connecting it to our lives in such an original style. You won't find anything like it anywhere."
– - Jack French, a reviewer from Amazon site
"For those who are intermediate/advanced in their study of astrology, this book will give an extremely interesting and insightful view of the moon, it's effect on our psyche, and how it differs from the sun."
– A reviewer from Amazon site
"This book describes the Moon in a new and positive way that will leave you intrigued and curious. This book will give you an in-depth understanding of the connection between us and the Moon."
– Amy Elizabeth Orr, a reviewer from Amazon site
"I liked no nonsense approach. Very matter of fact. It cleared up things didn't about the Moon."
– A reviewer from Amazon site
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