Metaphysics of Astrology: Why Astrology Works

Learn the basic principles of astrology without having to learn the theory beforehand.

In order to understand the fundamental principles of astrological influences, why they exist and how they affect us, you must become familiar with the nature of the one who is affected, your own essence.

It is all connected. Two things are in existence: you and the universe. If you delve into one with the utmost care, you will automatically understand the other because, in their foundation, they are the same.

Astronomy is the science of how the universe works. Astrology is the science of how the holographic universe affects us. It broadens our horizons because it provides a holistic approach to life.

Astrology shows us all the details of the way in which our transcendental soul is trapped in the body and events of our life, the ways in which we have been obstructed from attaining self-knowledge. That will make us understand how to set ourselves free.

The knot can be untied by learning the way in which it was tied. We do not have to know all the details. It is enough to be acquainted with the basic principles of how astrology works to be able to know the basic principles of liberation and self-knowledge. They are presented before you in a summarized version.

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About the Book

Unlike the majority of other books on astrology, we will not deal here with the teaching of the basic principles necessary for horoscope reading. Such books, both good and bad, are in abundance. We will deal with the fact as to why astrology works in the first place and how its original principles came about, how the space-time of cosmos shapes within us into (un)known existence, into planets, the life itself and destiny.

The fundamental theories of physical reality we will stick to here, in an attempt to clarify the essence of astrological influences, are the theories of the holographic universe and The Strong Anthropic Principle which are complementary and claim that the universe, the way it is, exists to shape the conscious subject, in other words – us.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Some Basic Fact and Misconceptions
  • Anthropic Principle and the Forming of Man
  • Zodiac
  • Planets or the Psychodynamics of Space-Time
  • Destiny Resides In the Matter
  • Freedom Resides In the Soul
Series: Existence - Consciousness - Bliss, Book 7
Genres: Astrology, Consciousness, Spirituality
Tags: Astrology, Consciousness, personal growth, self-esteem, spiritual
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback (6 x 9 inches)
Length: 106 pages
ISBN: 9781656673336
List Price: $11.00
eBook Price: $7.00
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Metaphysics of Astrology: Why Astrology Works
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