Psychotherapy Does Not Help

Psychotherapy Does Not Help in the Fulfillment of a Person

Classical psychotherapy essentially changes nothing in a person. It does not create a new person, does not bring lasting peace, and does not lead the individual to the perspective of a higher “Self” to contemplate the plan of their soul for the current incarnation.

Psychotherapy is a materialistic science because it does not believe in a person’s transcendental soul. Psychology uses the term soul for something that is a byproduct of the body, which is born and dies with the body. People who have not even explored beyond the lower mind (ego) and do not believe in the human soul claim they can help a person. Millions of dollars are spent in vain because psychoanalysis is a profitable profession.

Some people have attended psychotherapy for many years but have not achieved lasting change or any form of completeness, depth, or spiritual peak. People terminate psychoanalysis not because they have succeeded but because their bank account is empty. All psychoanalysis does – all psychological schools, whether Adler’s, Jung’s, or Freud’s – is to sort thoughts, paradigms, and beliefs of the lower mind (ego), interpreting them according to their own lower minds (egos). However, to understand all the psychopathology of the lower mind, it is essential to gain insight and perspective from the higher mind.

The essence of the problem is that many people need the compulsion to progress and improve in various lessons of each incarnation; like lessons about love, work, responsibility, compassion, kindness, nonviolence, patience, endurance, etc. Our soul’s consciousness stimulates us towards these lessons through our higher “Self,” while our lower mind (ego) does not want to learn these on its own. In challenging times, our lower mind (ego) often resists changes and seeks the path of least resistance, following the principles of pleasure. Then, some individuals seek the help of psychoanalysts. However, classical psychotherapists are not at all informed about the soul development plan of an individual and, therefore, cannot correctly advise why and how to overcome current life lessons for the individual’s planned spiritual development to continue.

Only models of transcendental psychology, which integrate knowledge about the soul with the knowledge of karmic astrology, hypnotherapy, and regression into past lives, can help an individual. Only with the guidance of such psychotherapists and individuals who have made a leap from classical schools of psychotherapy (like Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Ken Wilber, and many others) can help an individual to become aware of why the soul chooses specific challenges in the current life and how to overcome them because the real causes of challenges are most often karmic, i.e., they originated before this life or happen because of the nature of the maturity level of souls.


Soul Guide book coverOur hardest life experiences are actually infused with a hidden purpose – a purpose we chose ourselves before birth. The soul is the one that decides everything before incarnation.

In the book “Soul Guide on Planet Earth” by Ivan Antic, you can discover details about soul incarnations before life on Earth and the most common traits and problems of young, middle, and highly developed souls. The purpose of the book is to serve as a reminder to human souls to remember who they are and why they are here, to better cope with life’s challenges and the illusions that reign on Earth.

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