Spirituality Without Religion

Spirituality Without Religion

True spirituality occurs outside the confines of organized religion. No religion aids in the individualization of the human being. That’s why organized religion is not truly religion; it’s politics.

Religions have not helped humanity advance in higher consciousness or discover its essential being. Moreover, they have become walls that limit human spiritual growth at every step. They have turned into a screen for political games, where under the cloak of spirituality, politics actually rules.

It is important to understand that truth cannot be organized. By attempting to organize it, we actually suffocate it. Truth is an individual experience and can never become a collective phenomenon. Those who touched it were individuals, not part of a crowd, regardless of their religious affiliation. Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ – each experienced something transcendental and found silence in the solitude of their deepest self.

Seeking truth outside oneself, in the structures of religions that do not reflect the inner light, has proven to be fertile ground for questions, not for finding a new Christ or Buddha. Despite countless efforts through the ages, enlightenment has remained unattainable for many. A crucial oversight lies in forgetting that Buddha did not follow the paths of others, though many tried to follow him, nor did Jesus walk in another’s steps, while many attempt to walk in his.

The essence lies in ‘authenticity’, in discovering one’s own uniqueness, not in imitation. The world is full of followers, but leaders are rare. You must be your own leader, an individual, not a copy of someone else. You must discover your ‘original’ face. Existence believes in originality, not imitation.

A spiritual person belongs to no belief, no dogma. Spirituality knows no boundaries of belief or institutions. Spirituality stands above definitions and dogmas, rejecting the limitations imposed by churches and religious organizations. Spirituality is one; religions are many.


Religiousness: Instructions for Use - Paperback Book Cover

Being spiritual without belonging to a religion implies personally seeking the meaning of life and the interconnectedness of everything without relying on traditional religious frameworks.

The book “Religiousness: Instructions for Use” by Ivan Antić criticizes religious practices and beliefs while simultaneously affirming true religiosity based on the need for human individualization and aligning one’s actions in the world with the consciousness that is the foundation of life and the universe.


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