What is the purpose of living

What’s The Point Of Living If We And Our Beloved Ones Are Ultimately Going To Die Someday And Not Remember Anything?

We live. We die. So what’s the point of life?

To ask about the meaning of life with an attitude that after death we will not exist or remember anything, is not logical or fact-based.

Believe it or not, scientific evidence proving that we exist prior to this life and will continue to exist after the death of the body, in addition we will remember everything,  exists and is completely verifiable. It is only necessary to reach it, if  it doesn’t reach us first. I’ll help out you a little.

First of all, the nature of the very existence is by scientific evidence far greater than the senses can observe. All that is perceived by our senses and mind as life and existence is only about 5% of what really exists as nature itself. The remaining 95% is not observable by us, but it still exists.

This percentage does not necessarily have to be exactly the same at all times, but they certainly show an approximate relationship of reality that we are and aren’t aware of. There is a much greater reality of existence that we are unaware of.

This wider reality that we are not aware of is described by physics as a higher dimension, religion and mysticism, the same as the higher worlds, “the kingdom of heaven”. In any case, what we call “our life” is strictly limited to this small percentage that we observe with senses and reason, and which we are now aware of through the physical body. What we call “death” refers to that part of the much greater existence of nature that we are not aware of, but which still exists. Let’s use logic firstly.

Is there a possibility of the non-existence in nature?

Nature is very rational and economical, never wastes its energy in vain. When we look at all the life and  cosmos and see how enormous everything is, how much effort, creativity and energy have been invested in all this, it is truly not logical to assume that everything exists only so that we could eat and perform basic physical needs, spend one third of our lives sleeping and two thirds working our heads off, to eventually die, so that none of that would remain afterward. This does not correspond to the law of preservation of energy in nature, nor the logic of investing so much energy, effort and creativity.

The magnitude and the complexity of life and cosmos in general points to the conclusion that non-existence is not an option, that only existence exists, and that this existence itself is far greater than anything we can become aware of in this body.

Looking at the stars, everyone will experience existence of something far greater than our body. In addition, we are to a very limited degree aware of what is happening within this body, the brain is still a great mystery, and therefore we should not make premature conclusions that we do not exist after the death of the body.

All this comes down to the question of whether there is life before birth and after the death of the body, whether there is reincarnation as such. It’s a question of whether there is a soul that oversees the body. And for that there is evidence.

Firstly, what is the brain, does it create consciousness, or is it only an organ which receives consciousness?

Neurologist Karl Pribram claims that the brain is nothing but the organ which receives consciousness. And this is based on solid scientific evidence. There is evidence surely experienced by many of you, but you failed to recognize it as such. We have all had, or have knowledge and observations that could not have been created if consciousness was only in the brain and of the brain. Many people also have out-of-the-body experiences, they have been tested and proven at universities, I who am writing this have had them myself, and many at that.

Therefore, all this comes down to the question of whether you have experienced something like that. Anyone who has had experience with extrasensory perception has no problem with these issues. In fact, you have experienced it, you just haven’t registered it well enough, and there has been a lack of understanding regarding everything you have experienced, and that’s why you are tortured by such questions about the meaning of life and death.

Many have begun their research on the existence of soul and reincarnation being true skeptics and materialists, they have begun their research to prove that the soul and reincarnation do not exist, and while following-up scientific research upon gathering the evidence, they eventually came to the moment of proving the exact contrary of what they had originally set out to prove.

Many scientific discoveries have come about in such a way, either unintentionally or with the goal of proving otherwise, and it has never happened so often as it has with the research on consciousness, soul, and reincarnation. In fact, all scientists who began research on soul and reincarnation in order to prove that it does not exist, ended up as the biggest advocates for reincarnation, and they all claimed they do not “believe” in it, but they now know it is true.

To put it simply, they have obtained solid scientific evidence. This is the case with Ian Stevenson, who thoroughly examined more than 3,000 cases of reincarnation and had them well-documented in 12 books. The University of Virginia today deals with the Division of Perceptual Studies. The research was also continued by Jim Tucker. The hypnotic regression is probably the most detailed method of investigating the evidence of reincarnation, I say the evidence, because after the statements under hypnosis, researchers go to the field to check out the accuracy of the information  they received in hypnosis, as in any other scientific procedure of validating.

The pioneer of such research is dr. Helen Wambach, and she set out with the intention to prove that reincarnation as such does not exist. Victor Zammit also begins his scientific quest as a prosecutor of the reincarnation, and ends up advocating in its favor. The most famous researcher is definitely Dr. Michael Newton with his research into hypnotic regression. Furthermore, there are other researchers  like Dr. Gerald Netherton, Dr. Arthur Guirdham, Dr. Varvara Ivanova, Peter Ramster to name but a few.

There is one important detail regarding reincarnation, which explains why souls reincarnate in the first place, or return to this world. All those who have clearly experienced the state of clinical death (NDE), as well as those who recovered from the hypnotic regression and became aware of the state between two lives, testify that they recapitulated their entire life instantly, every moment they experienced all at once.

However, they not only saw in retrospect what they had done, but they also saw how other people perceived their deeds towards them. Everything that we have done to somebody is then seen through the perspective of both sides, both our own and the side of the person in question, how he/she perceived our deeds towards her/him.

That is why the soul itself decides to return to life where it will be able to complete maturing and become  better. Soul itself decides on it, no one forces it to do so. This is the answer to the part of the question that says “we will not remember anything”.

Not only will we remember absolutely everything, because in existence nothing can disappear, but we will remember the things we don’t want to remember equally clearly. And we will return to correct our mistakes.

That’s why we were born here, because of the memory of everything. That’s why it’s better for us not to sin here and now. We can’t run away from ourselves.

So, before asking a question about the meaning of life and death, one should first examine what kind of research and evidence exist about it.

And there is further evidence of this, not only in hypnotherapy and children’s testimonies about past lives. Their experiences are confirmed by biology, as well as the DNA research. Namely, all rigorous scientific research proves the theory of intelligent design according to which nature and life rest on higher consciousness, and not on material causes and coincidence, that consciousness does not arise from matter, but vice versa, that what we mistakenly call “matter” (and what by quantum physics has been proved not to exist) comes from consciousness, from intelligent design.

You may be informed about this in the work by Stephen Meyer: Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, as well as in the work written by the Nobel prize winner Francis Crick: Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature. You should trust him when he proves that DNA could not in any way be created through evolution, but only through an intelligent design.

One of the simple proofs of this statement is in the following. All life rests on the division of DNA, and the division of the DNA can’t happen on its own. This complex work is performed by proteins. However, the code for the formation of proteins is in the DNA itself. Which came first then; the chicken or the egg? Obviously, both of them had to be created at the same time, designed by some higher consciousness.

All relevant scientific evidence shows that evolution does not exist and that all life is created by higher intelligence. There is no valid evidence in support of Darwin’s evolution. The very way of reproduction and nutrition of many animal species would not be possible if they had evolved gradually. It had to be created all at once, designed in its entirety, and not through gradual evolution.

The point of all this is that higher consciousness that creates life is exactly what has been known as Divine Consciousness, God, or the consciousness of our soul since ancient times.

Yes, our soul is not any psyche, or a set of energies in the body, which is created together with the body and disappears with it, but the soul is above and beyond our body, it is actually a small individual branch of the divine consciousness that creates and enables everything, the branch that creates our body and our life.

That is why we feel unity with all life, the more we are aware of ourselves as a soul, the more we become connected with the whole, connected with life, and the answer to the question of the meaning of life opens on its own then. For this to happen, a person should simply be more aware of himself/herself.

This has always been the answer to the question: What is the meaning of life? The answer has never been hidden. It was just a matter of focusing so that one is able to see it, and whether we were aware of ourselves enough to recognize the answer. To be aware of ourselves we have to be better people, more disciplined.

This is an essential, existential question, and the answers to existential questions can’t be abstract, beyond us and our experience. They can’t come to us and nobody can give them to us, we have to come to them and we personally have to become aware of them.

The answer to the question of the meaning of life depends on us and on our life. With a conscious, creative and quality life we will come closer to answering such questions.

What is the meaning of life
Probably the most important question of all is about the meaning of life.

With this, in the end we come to the most important aspect of this question, which is why our life is the way it is, so that we can’t know the answer to the question about the meaning of life and death?

Nature has no reason to hide that answer from us. On the contrary, we are endangering the very nature by not knowing the answer to this essential question. The more we are identified with the body and the material, the more frightened and violent, negative towards life and alienated from that life and people we are. When we know the answer, we then support the whole life of nature in all forms, because we are then aware of the consciousness of our soul, and this is the same consciousness that allows the whole nature and all the life.

Then when we become able to understand and perceive that consciousness of the soul in ourselves, we then recognize it and feel it spontaneously in other people and life, and we therefore can’t be negative towards them. Why are we not aware of that?

Because those who rule over this world and our lives don’t want us to be aware of this, they want us to be limited by the perception, the deluded consumers of their products, and work for their corporations as slaves. They want us to live in fear and fighting for our interests. They want us not to think with our own heads, but the way they suggest we do. They are the founders of all the universities and scientific institutions that tell you there is no soul, that all life was created by random particle collision and that consciousness is a product of dead and unconscious matter. It is an insult to the intelligence, but it works and domineers over the public opinion. This is what children are taught in school.

The details of all the ways in which the consciousness of our soul is deceived in this world, and how to recognize it, are well-presented in my book ‘Soul Guide On Planet Earth‘.

How do we exist as multidimensional beings and how we are able to control our lives; it is all stated in my book: The Process of Realization.

These are my experiences that can practically help you reach your own.

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