why is knowing yourself important

What Does Knowing Yourself Mean?

The most powerful way to get to know yourself is by knowing the nature of your soul.


By knowing your own soul you know all the knowledge of yourself. It’s not separated. When we have the consciousness of our soul then there is no question of how to learn about oneself. The question is only  how to strengthen the consciousness of our soul.

This is achieved by understanding the true nature of our being, the way it works using the lower mind, the higher mind and the consciousness of the soul. Consciousness solves things all by itself, it is not necessary to do anything but provide awareness and understanding.

The same way the influence of sunlight induces the natural biological processes to be performed, because they can’t be performed in the dark, the same way the very light of consciousness and understanding, the processes which solve things that couldn’t be solved in the dark of misunderstanding and unconsciousness, are unveiled entirely on their own. The mere light of consciousness proves to be  enough.

The consciousness is always associated with understanding the nature of reality. To understand the nature of reality, we must first understand the nature of our being, the way it is organized.

The simplest display of the organization of our being, which everyone can recognize in their personal  experience, is the division into the lower, the higher mind, and the consciousness of the soul.

The basic structure of the divine consciousness that enables everything in the human being is:

  1. The consciousness of the soul (which is transcendental and only partially embodied)
  2. The higher mind (or the Higher I, stands between the physical body and the divine consciousness of the soul as their connection)
  3. The consciousness of the physical mind (or Ego, placed in the brain of the physical body)


The higher mind has a higher and broader perspective, it sees from a larger dimension every occurrence in a wider context, and therefore can provide information to a lower, physical mind or Ego, which has a very limited perspective, and therefore sees only what can be observed by the senses.

This information from the higher mind to the physical mind arrives in the form of inspiration or intuition, a sudden insight, in reality, but also through dreams, when the physical mind is suppressed and the higher mind can influence a human being more easily.

All religious and mystical experiences of mankind are the reflection of the connection between the physical or the empirical mind with the consciousness of the soul through the higher mind.

All human growth in cognition and consciousness is the growth of the presence of the soul consciousness in the body.

Although it cannot fully embody, it can increase its presence in the physical body so that the body turns into light. Although the greater presence of soul consciousness in a man is more clearly seen as kindness, love, wisdom, and enlightenment.

The consciousness of the soul and the higher mind in us becomes stronger through discipline, that is above all the discipline of meditation, but together with it and through a positive attitude towards life, we  approach the consciousness at the core of life, which is the consciousness of our soul. There is no other consciousness in existence. It is the same everywhere, but it is simply individually used and expressed here.


Wisdom is knowing yourself
Wisdom is knowing yourself


If we accept it in ourselves through a positive attitude, and express it through ourselves, then we will come closer to the same consciousness that enables everything. That’s how we will achieve the understanding of everything, both ourselves and the world.

And this is the only learning about ourselves that exists: how to be a better person. In this world, there’s nothing else we should learn about ourselves or about others. And we learn this simply through an increasing connection with the consciousness of the soul. Since consciousness is the same in everything that exists, we will also learn the true nature of reality.

Practical instructions on how to recognize and preserve the consciousness of the soul while we are in this world are presented in my book Soul Guide On Planet Earth.

How the consciousness of the soul strengthens through the discipline of meditation, through the psycho-energetic centers in the body (chakras), is all presented in my book “Samadhi – the Unity of Consciousness and Existence“.



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