If The Law Of Attraction Is So Simple, Why Aren't There More Wealthy People

If The Law Of Attraction Is So Simple, Why Aren’t There More Wealthy People In The World?

The little known reason why the law of attraction doesn’t work for most people (and what you can do about it).


Most people don’t take responsibility for the situation they are currently in. They sincerely believe that the reason for their current situation lies outside of them. They believe it is due to the conditions and circumstances they have no control of.

Most people are ignorant of the Law, which says that everything you attract into your life is in a harmonious vibration with you.

The key to mastering the Law of Attraction is the realization that YOU are responsible for everything that happens in your life. FOR EVERYTHING.

At a certain point – consciously or unconsciously, YOU have drawn every person, every job, every idea, every disease, every joy and every, even the smallest, pain into your life.


You are the creator of your reality

The Law of Attraction has been around forever, you have been applying it all your life, albeit unconsciously. That’s how you got into the present situation in the first place. Its effect won’t start the moment you hear of it and decide to change something.



You are the creator of your reality
Once you realize that you are the creator of your reality, you will discover that you have the power to change that reality to whatever you want.



The acceptance of the responsibility for the previous unconscious attraction of everything into our life is the first condition for the conscious application of the Law of Attraction in the future.

We are, in fact, allowing the outside world to control our inner world. We must reverse that. Our thoughts dictate what we are going to attract. We must allow our inner world to run our outer world.

All this is described in detail in the book The Process of Realization: A detailed description of the process of every kind of realization, the law of attraction, from quantum fields and mind to matter.



In conclusion

Summing up, it is necessary to state that the Law of Attraction is the most powerful Law, which is easy to understand, but sometimes, it is not easy to accomplish the progress using it.

To make the Law of attraction work for us, we must always remember that we are responsible for everything we attract into our lives. This Law helps us find responsibility and create realities to manifest our dreams successfully.


You will find more information on the Law of Attraction in my book The Process of Realization. Take the responsibility and start attracting great things into your life!


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