Why is a positive thought a hundred times stronger than a negative one?


Because a positive thought reflects the principle of creation, and the negative thought the principle of destruction. Both of them participate in the dialectics of life, in the game of opposites.

However, since the mere existence is a positive event because it rests on creation, life itself is a reflection of creation, and positive thoughts must have much stronger action than negative ones, otherwise life would disappear, then no existence would be possible.

Even the negative thought would not be possible if it was stronger than the very existence, because it must also have some existence in essence, life, to exist at all, to function, even as an attempt to negate it.

Negative thought works against life that already exists. The entire existence, which is a purely positive phenomenon, supports everything, without difference, even the negative thought itself.

That is why people are free to nourish negative thoughts as much as they like, because even then they are supported by the positivity of the very existence, the positivity that is known as the unconditional divine love.

That is why people always stop thinking negatively, when they become aware of the value of the existence alone.

In fact, the very existence exists, and the absence is impossible. Therefore, a negative thought is only an illusion. That’s why her strength is much smaller. It as an illusion can only have power at the local level and temporarily, but never on a general and permanent basis.

Positive thoughts are consistent with the vibrations of the very existence, and therefore they act more strongly, they are supported by universal laws of creation, life, positive thought is always in line with life and reality, while negative is always in conflict with life and reality, and therefore it is always a reflection of ignorance and unconsciousness of reality, and the fundamental values of life.

Therefore, negative thoughts use gross force for their achievement, the force of the lowest kind; they can get from the raw power of the body, tools and weapons, or just words that are always rough and imbued.

Positive thought has the support of the whole, the very nature and its basic laws. To a positive thought, a simple whisper or a smile are sufficient, to be transferred and accepted, therefore a positive thought attracts love, and negative only hatred.


Positive Thinking

If we want to create positive change in our life, we must first begin thinking positively.


Positive thought is a reflection of the work of our soul in this world (which I have described in more detail in my book: Soul Guide On Planet Earth). Negative thought is only a reflection of our unconsciousness of the reality of the very existence itself and of the reality of our soul, who we really are; it is only a reflection of our fear and uncertainty due to this ignorance.

In order for each negative thought to be overcomed, we simply need to become aware of the nature of the reality that supports everything, and that is the nature of the reality of our soul. They are one and the same reality.

The law of attraction is a reflection of the universal law of existence as well; and therefore positive thoughts always act more strongly to the realization of the process of attraction, because they are in agreement with it; they bring more energy, because energy is the very existence itself, which is a positive phenomenon. Negative attitudes only hinder the process of each realization.


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