How To Distinguish The Soul From The Spirit Correctly?

Is there any difference between soul and spirit? The proper understanding of the concepts of the soul and spirit ultimately leads to their joining into one.


The Divine Absolute

There is some disagreement over the different translation of the terms “soul” and “spirit” in different languages, as well as the misunderstanding of the nature of the soul itself.

The soul is an individual manifestation of the divine consciousness, which we can call the Divine Absolute. It is a neutral name that would not cause misunderstanding about the different concepts of God.

Soul is the monad of consciousness of the divine Absolute itself. In its original state, the consciousness of the Divine Absolute projects itself into the conscious consciousness or conscious monads. It is capable of creating all the possibilities in order to realize the perception or experience of all the possibilities of existence. In mudane terms, entities of divine consciousness or monads are known as souls.

The Divine Absolute is the source of consciousness in the very existence. All consciousness is one and the same in its entire existence. This divine consciousness within us is what gives consciousness to our individual mind, which we use in a personal way. We also call it ego.


The entire nature is consciousness

All conscious beings use the same divine consciousness, both for the functioning of the mind and for the creation of life itself.

Basically, the whole nature is consciousness, the overall existence is the work of intelligent design and it is proved by biology as such.

Perfect self-knowledge of this divine consciousness of oneself occurs in  man as his self-knowing, samadhi or the realization of divine consciousness in  man, the enlightenment.

All this is possible on the basis of the consciousness of the soul that gives us life and awareness of ourselves and the awareness of the world.

The consciousness of the soul in us connects everything. In other words, everything is interconnected because it rests on the same source, the divine consciousness itself, which is our individual consciousness of the soul.


Immature understanding of the nature of spirit

All of the above is expressed in many religions and esoteric teachings.

However, it is often not sufficiently distinct, and is oftentimes unclearly linked to the abstract concept of the “spirit”. This term, therefore, means more things in different languages.

Firstly, it signifies the consciousness in man, his individual psyche with all the personal contents and conditionality.

Furthermore, it means a higher spiritual principle that goes beyond the individual psyche, which is independent of the body. The spirit is also referred to as an entity that goes beyond the physical body and its life and may return after death.

Also, the term “spirit” is associated with everything that is spiritual and divine, as opposed to the material and worldly. It is basically a one-sided and immature understanding of the nature of the spirit and the nature of matter because there is no duality (Advaita) in the essence of all existence.

The material world is merely a manifestation of the divine spirit, the divine consciousness. This is also proven by quantum physics. The term “soul” is falsified in different languages ​​and interpretations as well.

The most inferior understanding most commonly stated by psychologists is that the soul of man is only a cocktail of psychological impressions, created by time and experience.

Other types of understanding, which is ultimately conditioned by the more advanced perception of religions, defines the soul as something received from God. According to this definition, a person may and will lose it, or is yet earn it, and there is likelihood of some evil force stealing or capturing it.

These are all the wrong indicators that are most often aimed at attracting human attention and exploiting his energy so that he would become and remain a faithful follower of some religion.


A unique source of consciousness

The soul is a unique source of consciousness within us. The soul is a source that connects us with the origin of everything and represents the individual manifestation of the divine consciousness of itself through man.

The divine consciousness recognizes itself through the soul of man, and the concept of the spirit is more related to individual manifestations of consciousness and its various modifications.

Such a concept of the spirit refers to the true spirituality that connects man with the consciousness of the soul, with the divine principle.




To understand the difference between soul and spirit correctly, we should take into account that soul is  manifestation of the divine consciousness. The spirit is more associated with individual manifestations of consciousness. It introduces the true spirituality that connects man with the consciousness of the soul. Therefore, the correct and proper perception of the ideas of  soul and spirit ultimately leads to their joining into one.


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