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How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Attract A Soulmate?

Does unconditional love exist at all? In order to attract the right person into your life, it is only necessary to do one simple thing.


Regardless of time and space

In fact, we cannot get the right partner any other way but using the law of attraction. The only question is whether we understand this law well enough. We understand it correctly when we are aware of the fact that it is not our mind, but our heart that works for the law of attraction.

The vibrations of our real being are those that act in the law of attraction, rather than the vibrations of our thoughts and desires. The law of attraction is based on the universal field, a quantum field, in which the entire existence is connected into an indivisible whole, regardless of time and space. At this most subtle level, or the basic level of existence, we create unity .

We are not attracting anything by applying the law of attraction; we are simply eliminating obstacles to actualize what already exists on the finest level. Therefore, it is very important to understand not how to attract the right person, but how to remove the obstacles, so the unity of two souls could be achieved in reality.


Unconditional love

The most subtle reality of existence or the quantum field in our being is manifested as the consciousness of the heart, or the quantum consciousness. It is the consciousness, which connects and understands everything unconditionally. It is also known as unconditional love or the perfect understanding.

In order to attract the right person into your life, it is only necessary to feel that perfect love is already here. It may be difficult for some people to imagine that unconditional love is at all possible, or that it even exists. Nevertheless, the love that enables and supports everything is here; it enables and supports even those who do not believe in it.

With such a consciousness, the consciousness of love, the consciousness of the quantum field that connects everything into one being, we will reinforce the presence of related vibrations in another being, and he/she will appear in front of us immediately.

He/she will not come from far away, nor will he/she represent our ideal of beauty. When unconditional love removes the veil of ignorance and insensitivity from your eyes, you will recognize the love of your life in a person who may have been somewhere beside you constantly, someone you’ve known for years.

Only with the consciousness of the heart can you see the true person of your life, your true soulmate. There are no external obstacles when it comes to uniting with your soulmate; the true obstacles lie in the mind, the ego, and the insensitivity. The only condition for the connection with your soulmate is the unconditional understanding. How much understanding do you have for the person who irritates you the most?

When you develop the absolute understanding for the worst person you know, then you will meet the requirement for encountering your soulmate. Don’t be surprised if that person turns out to be your soulmate. When the veil which conceals our souls falls down, we all recognize ourselves as divine beings.

Such a nasty sense of humor is a characteristic of the divine consciousness, but luckily, it is not applied at all times. The consciousness mostly knows what we are able to handle. Well, our limits are not always taken into consideration, probably to expand our possibilities.

There’s one more thing about the law of attracting a soulmate. A true soulmate is never ideal, as you want them to be. The life of the soul in this world, and in all the worlds, is a process of awakening and awareness, and not some static, perfect state.

The union of all people is only a mechanism for perfecting the process of soul-awareness. Therefore, the process of attracting a soulmate, as well as the process of keeping the soul you already live with but experiencing a crisis, depends on how much you accept relationships as a school of awareness and learning, the transformation of oneself.

People serve one another for the mutual transformation towards the growing consciousness and culture of life, an understanding of existence itself.

In other words, finding true love with another person is a process you should experience together; true love cannot be found ready-made, and it certainly isn’t what your ego wants.

Finding the right person to love is just the first step. What comes next is your common path towards love and understanding. Many people become deceived when they feel that they have found the right person. Thinking that they have completed the job and succeeded, they stop, and that’s when they lose it and start wondering how to regain their love by the law of attraction.

Love is a common journey toward a better understanding. Two souls live together to learn about understanding, compassion, and love in order to practice them together.


Attracting the ideal person

There is one more tiny but powerful thing. Love is taught, so it could be applied to the entire existence so that through us it could knowingly return and merge with the unconditional divine love that enables us to exist. It means, that if you want to attract your soulmate or to keep it if it already exists, practice the love you have for it towards all beings, towards the entire existence. Your loved one needs your love the least. He/she’s there just to bring out and awaken your love towards all the beings.

Therefore, the question of how to attract or keep a beloved one is actually the question of how to learn to love, how to become the love you seek, through someone else. That’s how the law of attracting the ideal person is applied. Be what you attract. This is true for everything else you attract as well.


In conclusion

Love is the most exciting spiritual journey ever. It is a precious flower and we have to nurture it. In turn, love will teach us compassion and understanding not only for the beloved one, but for all the existing. Only with the consciousness of the heart can you see your true soulmate. To attract your true love you have to open your heart as if such love has already been there.

For more information check out my book The Process of Realization page. Let it be your guiding line in discovering how to find your soulmate using the law of attraction.


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