Is there any scientific evidence or proof for the existence of soul?

There is. In fact, all scientific discoveries about the fundamental principles life is based on, prove that the soul exists.

However these discoveries do not refer to the soul itself, but point to a intelligent design, to intelligence that is above nature, which creates everything in nature and life itself.

This intelligence or consciousness that creates all life is our soul.

That is not said by science, because science has a prohibition to speak. Science is under the strict control of corporations. Intelligence or consciousness that creates life is falsely placed in religious matters, not in scientific ones.

Religion, on the other hand, mystifies and blurs the matter of soul with the projections of religious dogmas. Science is violently classified in an exclusive materialism, into the empirical area of sensory perception. This is justified for practical reasons, the scientific work must only adhere to what can be practically done. But consciousness is an area that can be worked with as well, and with the greatest effect.

It seems that someone is afraid that the true nature of consciousness could be discovered; that it is the creator of everything that exists, because this consciousness is the same consciousness that we all use in perception and understanding, there are no more different consciousnesses, consciousness is one in the essence of the entire existence, only individual beings use it individually.

If the science would confirm that the essence of all natural laws is consciousness, it would have consequences for human freedom, scientists working for corporations could no longer produce poisons in food and drugs and weapons of mass destruction. They could not be negative towards nature, because they would recognize the same consciousness in it as in themselves. If people became aware of their souls, they would no longer agree to being slaves to corporations. They could not be negative in any way.

Тhе scientific evidence that above all physical nature stands the consciousness that creates everything is in the nature of the DNA itself and in the work of each cell.


Do souls exist scientifically?
All life and the division of cells is based on DNA division. But DNA can’t divide itself, it is assisted by proteins, they perform all the complex work around the DNA division. However, the code for the formation of proteins is found in the DNA itself.

Obviously, both DNA and protein have to come together in the process of creation, which in each detail shows the work of creative intelligence that transcends all physical creations.

Genetics claim that the DNA itself wasn’t created through evolution, because the cosmos is not old enough to be able to make it happen, it was on the other hand created by an intelligent design. Biologists know that evolution does not exist in biology, cells nowadays work the same as they did millions of years ago.

This higher creative intelligence has always been known as divine consciousness. Тhat’s where through the process of emanation, the monads of consciousness that have always been known to the people as souls, come from.

The soul is a monad or an individual projection of the divine consciousness, the same consciousness that creates the entire nature and life. Entire physical life in itself, according to its own design, carries evidence that it was created from a higher, non physical force, a higher consciousness.

Science proves in every way that there is a consciousness of the soul, but this is not officially announced because it is someone’s interest that people remain unaware of the consciousness of their soul, their full divine potential and power.

The nature of the soul itself – that it is an individual expression of the divine consciousness which enables and creates everything – and what is the position of the soul in this world; that is the topic of my book: “Soul Guide on Planet Earth“.


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