Manifesting Abundance in Life

Manifesting Abundance in Life

Most people fail to attain their desired abundance using the Law of Attraction due to misunderstanding and being overwhelmed by information from numerous “experts” with their “magic formulas” for success.

The foundation of success using the Law of Attraction lies in accepting full responsibility for one’s life. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we attract everything – people, jobs, ideas, illnesses, happiness, and all pain. The Law of Attraction is always at work in our life, shaping our reality based on our vibrations, often unconsciously.

The Law of Attraction originates in the highest dimension (ether) and descends to the lowest, coarsest dimension (earth). It moves from the world of ideas to that of matter. Our soul resides in these higher dimensions, where it plans the main guidelines of our current life and experiences. Between our soul consciousness and our body/mind/ego lies our Higher Mind or Self. In its elevated position, our Higher Self retains a much better, more inclusive perspective, and is therefore proficient at guiding our mind/ego how to act.

The most common reason for not fulfilling the desires of our lower, limited, physical mind or ego is our Self. That is, our Higher Mind and soul consciousness prevent such realization because they see how it would lead to bad consequences; specifically, consequences not supportive of the experiential program chosen for this life. Our true soul-created goals manifest as our highest life desire, talent, or passion, i.e., that which most fills us with bliss when we engage in it.

When we live in harmony with our soul, we also receive the means to achieve our best life, and always in the appropriate measure, i.e., gradually, in accordance with reality. Certainly, the mind/ego can also force its way into abundance through cunning or taking shortcuts. However, one’s enjoyment of such abundance never lasts and we incur a great cost through our lack of spiritual fulfillment.


The Process of Realization Cover

The human being is the “hand of God” that continues the work of creation after the creation of nature itself, creation continues through the human being in the form of all contents of life and life’s drama.

The book “The Process of Realization” by Ivan Antic describes in detail the process of every achievement, the Law of Attraction, from the mind and quantum field to matter. The well-known Law of Attraction is explained in this book in a completely new way, through the explanation of the relationships of higher dimensions, which are marked in esoteric science by elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether).


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