Cultivating Inner Peace

Cultivating Inner Peace

Achieving inner peace is a journey that takes us beyond the superficial noise of everyday life, deep into the timeless core of our being. Once we reach inner silence, external noise ceases to be a disturbing factor; it becomes irrelevant.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often search for an oasis of silence, trying to find it outside ourselves. We attribute the power to provide tranquility to places like mountains, forests, or lakes, not realizing that true silence waits to be discovered within the depths of our inner being, regardless of our physical surroundings.

The real challenge lies in overcoming the internal noise that roars within us – the incessant flow of thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, which mingle in the noisy marketplace of our mind. The external world is just a stage; the real drama unfolds within us. If we can maintain inner peace, external circumstances lose their power to shake us. It is crucial to allow our inner silence to solidify and become clear, like crystal. Exposure to the external world can actually serve to test us, providing an opportunity to examine the strength of our silence. When we find silence amidst the noise, joy overwhelms us – a sign the silence is truly ours.

It is essential to recognize that silence is the true nature of the divine consciousness within us and everything seemingly outside us. When we recognize that everything outside is also the divine consciousness, we become peaceful, fulfilled, and without the need for thought because everything is clear, purposeful, and all is one with us. Everything is divine silence and perfection; it is only the mind that creates noise in a desire to be something other than what it is objectively – the divine consciousness. Noise and unrest exist only in the subjective and virtual reality of the mind. Objectively, only the divine absolute exists.

External silence and peace are always a reflection of our inner peace; true silence springs from within, from our independence from external circumstances. Therefore, we should not attach much importance to the silence provided by external circumstances.

True silence does not come from mountains, stars, or depths of the night, nor is it the silence one experiences in monasteries or during meditation retreats. True inner peace is the state of the soul when it transcends the superficial mind with its noisy thoughts, worries, and anxieties. As long as our life is governed by the lower self (ego), true inner silence will elude us, as will the ability to see the world in perfect harmony with ourselves as perfect parts of that world.


Everything is perfect CoverTrue perfection does not impose itself – it helps you discover it on your own.

The essence of the book “Everything is Perfect: Why Do We Not See It” by Ivan Antic is that we are all part of a perfect whole, which constantly exists in a state of perfection, and the only obstacle to living such a vision is not transcending our lower mind (our ego) through a meditative practice.


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