Advice on How to Overcome the Fear of Death

Why Are Some People So Afraid of Death?

Many people fear death, but what if dying isn’t as bad as we think?

People are afraid of death because they don’t understand and don’t see the true nature of reality, of life itself.

They don’t see that in reality what is considered as matter doesn’t exist at all, rather that everything is only a reflection of the higher consciousness.

A man while in the body naturally has a predominantly lower consciousness and therefore sees only what appears in his sensory range and disappears. That is why he spontaneously links his body with the disappearance.

However, the whole nature and life itself, are created by the higher consciousness; the consciousness that is immortal because it is the source of life. All scientific evidence confirm it. The only problem is the person interpreting the scientific evidence.

The misunderstanding of the true nature of reality has many reasons, from the individual maturity of each person to the educational system, and the system of government in this world, which is such that the materialistic view of reality and the fear of death are encouraged, so people could be controlled easily.

The development of science and knowledge, so far, was such that it was limited to the material aspect of reality. It doesn’t mean that it will be like this in the future as well, but thia has been the case so far.

Fear, death and religions

There is a culture of cultivating the fear of death. Institutionalized religions are largely based on a negative attitude toward death, although they in essence contain positive answers, such as the theme of the resurrection in Christianity, for example.

The very idea of resurrection is based on the perspective that death does not exist, that is the essence of the Christian teaching, but in a church institution this positive and correct attitude is turned into a negative one. The emphasis is on the death and the suffering of Christ, not on his resurrection.

In all the schools spanning the Catholic countries, you will find a figure of Jesus in pain, beaten severely and crucified on the cross. Therefore, an extremely negative picture of life, which draws a negative picture of death as well.

In ancient times, people did not mourn someone’s death, they celebrated and sang at funerals. This is because they did not have institutions that would determine what to believe. They believed spontaneously based on experience. And their experience is a direct experience of the consciousness and the connection of consciousness that enables and creates in nature with the consciousness of their soul.

People have always been spontaneously aware that the higher consciousness is at the heart of all existence. This is the true basis of the religion that has always existed among all the people on this planet.

Live life without fear of death

The more advanced individuals have always been aware that the higher consciousness that creates everything, is the same consciousness that is in them, as the consciousness of their soul. That’s why they were not afraid of death. What creates everything that arises and disappears isn’t susceptible to appearance or disappearance.

But that consciousness, which allows everything, for them, is not some abstract consciousness that is projected into religious themes and beliefs. It is a concrete and vivid truth that enables all life.

Consciousness that enables everything in people is expressed as unconditional love and understanding

When we love someone, then we manifest the consciousness that enables everything, the divine consciousness, the consciousness beyond birth and dying, which is immortal. Because of the experience and expression of this divine consciousness of immortality, we can also love someone. If we didn’t have that consciousness in ourselves, no matter how hidden, we wouldn’t even be able to love someone.

Love always expresses immortal values.

Love is a proof that death does not exist.

Love is our true relationship with the divine, not the religions and the mental beliefs and convictions.

By loving someone, we are simply practicing how to participate in the unconditional divine consciousness that enables everything.

Usually, our love begins with various conditions and limitations, but with time and with maturity, as we increasingly begin to understand the true nature of love, we recognize its unconditional divine nature.

In the end, we realize that nothing but it exists, that it is the source of existence, our true nature.

And that’s why we lived.

That only life in love and understanding was the one real life.

That the only true death was just life without love and understanding.

Only in such understanding the fear of death disappears.

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