Does A Human Soul Really Exist

Does A Soul Really Exist? Where Do We Find It, And What It Really Is?

There are lots of interesting questions that can be asked about the soul as well as the nature of it. The soul is an interesting subject, and the eternal nature of our souls is equally as fascinating, if not even more so.


A soul, what is it really?

The soul is an individual manifestation of the divine consciousness about itself, which can be called divine Absolute.

It is a neutral name that would not cause misunderstandings about different perceptions of God in the world in which there are different religions.

The soul is the monad of consciousness of the divine Absolute itself. It is the source of consciousness in the very existence. All the beings who are conscious of themselves and of existence have this ability thanks to the divine consciousness of the Absolute (God).

Divine Absolute (God) is all-what-is, and it manifests itself as all-that-can-be, and that is the whole existence. Cosmos or existence reflects all the possibilities of divine consciousness as a mirror.
In its original state, divine Absolute projects the consciousness about itself on conscious entities or monades of consciousness that are capable of creating all possibilities, to carry out the perception or experience of all the possibilities of existence.

Since nothing is possible outside the Absolute, it is all happening in it, as its imagination, and that is why all creations are just the imagination of the divine Absolute. It, by the power of its own imagination, designs its own consciousness in the individual entities of consciousness or monads. Though becoming individual, these divine entities have all the properties of the divine Absolute. In its original state, the monads of consciousness derived from the divine Absolute “create” all the appearing universe.



Artifacts of the Flower of Life
Artifacts of the Flower of Life potpourri from Pinterest board.
The Flower of Life (or the “Seed of Life”) is a sacred symbol found within all major faiths of the world and represents the soul.


The entities of the divine consciousness or monads are otherwise known as souls

But that’s not entirely true. Monads exceed what people in their earthly experience conceive as a soul.

Monads represent an oversoulsoul, or the common source of several souls. Just as the tree branches out  into a bigger number of branches and twigs, so do the monads branch out into an ever smaller entities of the divine consciousness known here as souls.

Every soul has its own oversoul, which again has its own higher oversoul. And this continues all the way up to the divine source. According to this comparison, we can say that the individual soul of every man in this world is one leaf, and that the monad is the basic branch that stands out from the tree that is the divine Absolute.

You can get the best information about the nature of the individual soul from Michael Newton in his works. This division of one source of consciousness, a single monad into the individual souls, is necessary because of the differentiation of the self-consciousness and for the sake of creativity trying out  all the options.

An individual soul reincarnates more than once and tries all the possibilities of existence, it awakens the existence, and that consciousness of existence returns to the Divine Absolute as its consciousness of itself. When the consciousness of the individual souls in the body is combined with the divine conscience of the Absolute, then the incarnations of that soul result in enlightenment (samadhi).

In addition to the individual effect, there is also the collective effect of individual consciousness, which is the projection of the physical cosmos itself.

There are very old souls, monads of divine consciousness, which were the first to project the entire  cosmos. Owing to the physical laws of the element of earth, above all the sufficient inertia that preserves the forms, the other younger souls come across existing material forms when incarnating, consequently  leaving new forms for the next generation.

Physical sacrifice and inertia exist to allow ideas to be perceived as concrete objects in all possible aspects, a growing number of times, and by more individual consciousness. This is not possible in higher dimensions. All souls together maintain a physical cosmos.

Therefore, it is not only true that we as souls have planned our lives and the nature of the experiences that we will go through, and which we must experience by the law of karma, as Michael Newton precisely states, but one additional truth is out there, as well that we, as souls, from the highest level, were able to create all the conditions for the life of the body we live in.


We have created everything

The ground on which you stand, the air you breathe, all the nature that gives you life is an intelligent design of the monad of the divine Absolute, God, our individual souls originate from.

Additional information on the functioning of the soul on planet Earth can be found in my book “Soul Guide On Planet Earth“.


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